Here Are the 5 Myths on Timber Patios and How you Should Care for Them


Modern composite materials have made a huge impact on our lives, and in many cases have surpassed natural materials like timber. Many people mistakenly think that timber structures are outdated and a thing of the past, when in fact, today’s generation of hardwood patios are indeed everything you could expect, and more. Timber can be used in a way that doesn’t involve massive amounts of maintenance, and if you are not convinced, here are some myths about timber terraces.

  1. Timber is too Expensive – This ranks as number one, as most people associate good quality timber with a high price. The truth is, when you factor everything into it, a composite patio is going to cost about the same, and you wouldn’t have that natural look and feel.

  1. Timber Needs too Much Maintenance – Some types of wood do require a lot of regular attention, but there are others that, if treated correctly, will give you years of trouble free use. If you would like to view some great examples of how timber can enhance your garden, visit for more info.

  1. The Timber Look Can Be Duplicated – One might think so, but on close inspection, it is easy to see that it is not the real thing, and if wood grain is the ideal finish, why go down the faux road? Natural timber has a look and feel that cannot be fully replicated, and using timber doesn’t have to be environmentally unfriendly, as selected trees are grown in rotation and always replaced. If you are a native of Western Australia, you will have seen some genuine timber patios in Perth, and not only would you realise they are not imitation, you would see why the owner decided to stay with wood.

  1. Composite is More Eco-Friendly – It might seem so at first glance, but with regulated forests that are environmentally protected, the growth cycle is continued, and this actually helps the earth to revitalise. The composite materials had to be manufactured, and this requires a whole lot of energy, which means using a composite to build your terrace could actually be increasing your carbon footprint.

  1. Wood won’t Stand Up to a Harsh Climate – Western Australia could certainly be classed as having an extreme climate, and with all the sun, rain, and salt, timber you might think it wouldn’t be as effective as a composite material, yet if the timber is treated prior to installation, it will be long-lasting and require very little maintenance.

If your property has a natural ambience, it makes sense to keep things as natural as possible, and if the timber is carefully selected and treated, it will provide you and your family with a stylish terrace for those long summers. Timber is still used extensively, mainly because you just cannot replicate something that is 100% natural, and with the right preparation, maintenance is a thing of the past.


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