Marble Floor Design, Artistic and Elegant


Marble Floor Design, Although there are many choices of materials for your home flooring, you should consider the marble as your choice. Marble is a natural substance with an infinite number of natural colors and attractive designs. Marble is a type of stone from the rough Crystalline limestone or dolomite. Pure marble has white color and mainly composed by a mineral called calcite. Marble has a unique characteristic with beautiful colors, artistic and irregular patterns are formed by natural processes in a long time. High quality marble is white in color and very clear. Marble commercial value also depends on the colors and textures found in it.

Marble Floor Design

Marble is one option if you want a beautiful floor, artistic and elegant flooring. Using marble as the floor will also give the impression of luxury in your home. This is the reason of most people for choosing marble as a flooring in their homes. But, besides luxury, there are several benefits of using marble as the floor of your home. Here are some advantages of using marble :

Marble will not heat up fast

Using marble can make your house feel cold. because marble is able to reduce the heat and make the room stays cool. helpful for those who like cool and not resistant to heat.

Marble have various types and styles

Marble has many kinds of patterns, colors, diverse structure and style. For the price, Marble is available from affordable price till very expensive. If you are interested, you can customize it to your needs and abilities.

Marble is quite resistant to scratches

Some sources say that the marble is quite resistant to minor scratches. but you should still be careful if you have pets or sharp objects / taper furniture, as they can damage your floor.


Marble can last longer and stronger than ordinary ceramic flooring. although more expensive, however this will reduce your expenses to the cost of home improvement.

Marble is Easy to care

It’s not so difficult, but in many cases it requires expertise, especially for exclusive marble. Care includes daily cleaning and maintenance is a must. Regularly mop your floor, using warm water. Warm water is very good for cleaning marble. You should avoid cleaning products and bleach containing high acid and alkali, no matter how weak, because it can lead to dull, lose luster and natural color of natural stone including marble. Fluid spillage is not good for your marble flooring, especially alcohol, soft drinks and fruit juices spill. Marble is very porous, so the everyday products can color it.

Metals such as iron, copper, grease, oil, and ink can cause severe stains on your marble floor. if your floor stains from these materials it is recommended to hire a professional contractor to clean your marble. But, if you are going to overcome the stain, make sure you use natural cleaning fluids or fluids that are formulated specifically for marble, granite and natural stone.

Once you know the excess of marble, here we also write some deficiencies of marble that you should consider if you would choose marble as flooring material of your home:


High quality marble is expensive, especially if you want a particular form. you will be faced with higher prices. but this is not a problem for those of you who have money.


Marble floors tend to be slippery especially after polished, wet or slippery fluid. so you have to be careful.

Difficult to repaired

Although resistant to minor scratches, marble should be kept away from damage caused by scratches from your home furniture. if exposed to scratches, then to restore, you may need the help of an expert, especially if severe scratches on the marble.

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