The Many Benefits Of A Slate Roof


Choosing the right material for your roof in today’s housing market can be an easy or a difficult choice. There are modern roof coverings and there are the tried and tested roof coverings that that have tried the test of time and come out shining on the other side. I am of course talking about the old fashioned slate roof. Some will say that this roof is obsolete and slates are difficult to find and more importantly a slate roof is really difficult to take care of. They are incorrect of course, as slate has great value and adds value and good looks to your home. Slate has many redeeming features and here are some of them to get you thinking.

Not Just Grey.

When people think about slate roofing, they think about a grey colour, but slate is available in quite a number of colours and different styles. Slate can also differ in style and sizes, and are available in Penrhyn Welsh, for example, that give a traditional feel to any home. Slate can also have different textures from smooth to rough or rustic and in New South Wales, slate roofs are becoming recognised as long lasting, durable and require minimum maintenance.

Long Life Time.

It has been suggested that a slate can last for up to one hundred and seventy five years and a typical slate roof can be expected to last for seventy five to one hundred years. On any scale that is impressive. Maintaining your roof is the key and annual checks will ensure that your slate roof remains as beautiful as it was when it was first put on. However, it is really important that you don’t put any sealant or paint on your slate roof as this will affect its life span and it may get older quicker.

Do It Once.

A slate roof is constantly referred to as a roof for life as you should only really need to put it once.  It also increases the market value of your house because it looks so beautiful and blends into the nature all around your home. It holds its looks over many years and adds elegance to any home. It is also resistant to fire, mold and it absorbs rain water really slowly, which makes it good protection against the frost and cold in Australian Winters.

The Long Term.

Slate is expensive, but when you look at the long term benefits it makes choosing it the smart option every time and when it comes to repairing it, make sure that you get it repaired or put on, by a licensed roofing contractor who provides a team of very skilled professionals to complete the necessary work with the minimum of fuss and cost. Also look for companies who are members of the MBA (Masters Builders Association) and Masters Roof and Slaters Association who take immense pride in their work and will complete it to the standard you would expect from an experienced company.

If you are a little unsure and have any questions, these companies will give advice and will consult with you for as long as necessary to make sure that you get the best slate roof experience. Just give them a call or send an email for a quotation. It can’t be easier than that.

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