Making Your Bathroom Luxurious


Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house when it comes to having some time to yourself. You need a place where you will not be bothered and you can relax for some time, letting your stress melt away. Your home’s bathroom is that place. It is your sanctuary and your little piece of serenity. But, before you achieve this beautiful place you may need to do some designing, so let’s look at what you can do to make your bathroom luxurious.

Choose The Right Colour

Different colours have different effects on our perception and our mind. So, it is important to choose the right one for your bathroom if you are repainting. Repainting your bathroom is the simplest way to make it a more relaxing place to be. A light yellow coloured room has been shown to decrease stress. But, if you want a more soothing experience, try a darker colour, mixed with some other tips that we are going to discuss below.

Add Some Music

For us, we find that listening to music is the best way to relax and there is no reason that you can not listen to some tunes in the tub. We are not suggesting that you take your iPod in there with you or your laptop. But, you could buy a waterproof radio for your bathroom or stereo system. Let your troubles disappear as you have a lovely soak listening to your favourite songs.

Sensational Sensations

If you want to love taking a bath, you should look after all your senses in the room. This means that you should make your bathroom smell wonderful. You can do this by simply buying some lemon scented bathroom cleaner. This will make your bathroom smell lovely even when you are not using it. Or, you could add some scented candles and create a calming, soothing atmosphere.

If we are thinking about your senses, it would be silly not to look after your body and what better way to start than buying some bath salts to cleanse and clean your skin. You may even want to consider installing some jets in the bottom of your bathtub and getting that massage your husband refuses to give.

We have already talked about what to listen to, but what about how you feel after you get out the bath. It would be lovely if you had a nice chair or sofa you could sink into after warming yourself up in a radiator heated towel. You can do this with ease by adding some more furniture to the bathroom. Or, why not clean up the room as well as your state of mind by making the place tidier with bathroom cabinets from a company such as Bella Bathrooms to store all those accessories.

A Touch Of Style

Of course, all of the above are fantastic ideas but if you are like us, you will not be happy unless your bathroom looks stunning. Rather than redecorating the entire room consider making a few small changes that will create a big difference. For instance, a full length mirror to the room will add some style and make the room look a little more grand. Or, you could simply varnish your bathroom shelves and make them shine rather than buying new ones.

We hope you use these tips to make your bathroom luxurious and a place that you can truly relax.

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