Five Benefits to Adding a Granny Flat to Your Property


As in most urban areas of Australia, buying a new home in Melbourne can be difficult as houses are not easy to find and they can be very expensive. While you may consider adding an addition onto your current house if you need to have extra room for an elderly relative, or if an adult child moves back home, putting up with a construction zone around your home can be stressful. Instead of looking for a new place to live, consider adding a granny flat to your property.

granny flat construction

The Benefits of a Granny Flat

There are several benefits to adding a granny flat to your existing property.

Easy and Quick Assembly

If you need extra space at your home quickly, a granny flat is a good option because they come ready to assemble and can be put together quickly. The entire home comes in a flat pack system that is easy to deliver to your house. Since each piece of the home is precisely cut, for example, granny flat construction in Melbourne can be completed in just a few days because they are easy to assemble.

Multiple Size Options

Most manufacturers of granny flats make them in several sizes. They are usually available in studio homes, with their own en-suite bathroom, or you can select a one or two-bedroom version with a full-sized bathroom and a kitchen. If an elderly parent or an adult child is moving back to your house, you can add whichever size flat you need to accommodate their needs.

Offers Privacy

Although they may be a relative, you and they may not wish to cohabitate together. By adding a granny flat to your property, each of you can have your own separate space that gives you the privacy you want. It allows you to make sure your elderly parent is well cared for, but you will have the privacy each of you wants. You also don’t have to worry about overcrowding your home by having them move into it.

Increases Property Value

Since they increase the size of your home, adding a granny flat to your property can increase the value of your house. In addition, you can rent out a granny flat to make additional income for yourself. They will pay for themselves in a few short years, which means your income will increase once the flat has been paid in full.

Customisable Options

Although most granny flats come in predetermined designs, you can customise them for your needs. If your parent or adult child is disabled, you can have features built onto the flat to accommodate their needs. You can also improve the design by adding a deck or veranda to the flat if you wish.

Granny flats are a good option not only for accommodating a relative, but they can be used as a guest house if you have people frequently visiting your home. You don’t have to look for a new home if you do need more room, you can just buy a granny flat to add to your property.

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