Make the Most Out Of Glass Sliding Doors


If you want to remodel your home then you can install the glass sliding door in your house. It looks attractive and you can easily maintain it all by yourself. Apart from that when you install the sliding glass-door in your house it saves maximum space and you can enjoy the full landscape view of your exterior from your room.

Firstly before installing a glass sliding door you have to know their functioning mechanism.

  • They operate with the help of small hinges
  • The hinges are positioned between glass frames and the runners
  • The runners are positioned to the top and bottom

Such functioning actually helps avoid the usage of metal frames or heavy plastic frame, which can actually lead to the damage. This design also helps avert stiffening. Nevertheless, these glass sliding doors need intensive care and attention to allow them to function for a longer span.

Glass Sliding Doors
New sliding fiberglass doors for apartment’s terrace

How to maintain glass sliding doors?

When you want glass sliding doors for your home you must also know how best to keep them for optimal usage. This will only add to their usage value and life. Consider the following maintenance tips:

  • Regular cleaning: Maintenance is indispensable in adding to the life of sliding doors. Regular cleaning helps grease and dirt from posing barrier in functioning of sliding door. Proper cleaning also frees the glass panels from becoming misty alongside averting chances of corrosion caused by dirt. Cleaning can also help you detect any crack. Most importantly maintenance at regular intervals keep the sliding mounts beautiful as ever.
  • Lubrication: While considering different maintenance methods don’t forget to lubricate the frameless glass doors’ sliding carriage. For frequent and faultless movements there cannot be a better option than using automobile lubrication. This ensures smoother and faultless mechanism.

Added Safety for Sliding Doors

To ensure that all entry points are functional and efficient and to keep away from intruders it is important to understand the mechanism of the doors. Sliding doors require some added accessories and mechanisms to contribute to the safety quotient. Following are effective ways to secure your home with the help of sliding door installations:

Examine your existing lock

A majority of sliding doors are found to have a single lock on either side of the door. The latch is essential in holding the door to its frame. Prior to addressing any security issues ensure that the lock is operational as the door closes. In case, if you find out that the door is moving then you have to understand the fact that the latch is unable to catch the door appropriately or is coming out of the frame.

Maintain the door track and rollers:

  • A majority of sliding doors operate on back and forth motion. They mostly function on plastic rollers. However, if these are damaged due to any reason then the door will not be able to move easily.
  • You need to know one thing that if the door is not rolling in a proper way then you will have to lift the door to clean the debris beneath. This can actually cause the roller to get damaged. Fix the adjustment holes properly to assure that the roller moves properly.
  • An indoor alarm system can be incorporated with the door. This can be installed easily by technicians. This will help to send out an alarm if anyone tries to open the door.
  • You can as well install other systems like the glass break sensor. So, in case a thief tries to break in, the alarm will set out.

Always try to hire a glass sliding door professional when it comes to installing any security system with your sliding door.

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