6 Tips To Control Cockroach At Your Home


There is no doubt that cockroaches are a menace and lead to absolute chaos. Not only are they germ carriers but they also cause different kinds of infections. It is very important to control it otherwise it makes your home unhygienic to live in, especially if you have small kids at home. Cockroach control tips at home are also vital to prevent contamination of food along with other diseases. Cockroaches are the carrier of insects and germs from dirty places. They bring this infection to your home from outside. They are so flexible that they survive in different kinds of spaces like cupboards, shoe racks, bookracks, wires, clothing, etc. They are of different types but the most commonly seen ones are the red and brown varieties.

Here are some ways of getting rid of cockroaches at home:

  1. Insecticides

The easiest method of cockroach control at home is the use of insecticide sprays that are easily available in the market. These contain different kinds of chemicals that not only kill the insects but also get rid of cockroaches completely. To get the best results spray it into different corners of the house and hidden spaces where these insects breed. Usually cockroaches reside in damper areas so make sure that you seal off the area to restrict their water supply.

  1. Cockroach Traps

Another remedy is to use some cockroach traps to curtail the remaining cockroaches. Ideally when you spray, cockroaches try to escape from the spray and its impact. These cockroaches at that time tend to taste the bait on the trap and when they do so, they get stuck to the adhesive. This cockroach control method is most effective when there are limited numbers of cockroaches instead of an entire colony.

  1. Cleaning

A simple but effective method that always works is that you clean your entire house thoroughly. This doesn’t mean only superficial cleaning but it means that you get rid of old damp areas and wipe them out dry. This works best if done post spraying because at that time the cockroaches are dead and don’t escape out to other areas. Make sure that zones where cockroaches stay the most, like damp areas, are kept dry. Bathroom cabinets, under the sink and even deep corners or hidden areas are most prone to cockroaches and this is a sensible way of cockroach control.

  1. Naphthalene Balls

This is an another popularly used home method to get rid of cockroaches. This is especially useful in areas where clothes are stored or kept for long time. This could be the attic or even the bigger closets or chests that are used for storing clothes and other similar garments. Here naphthalene balls keep the cockroaches at bay, and also prevent their infestation. In fact, this cockroach control can also be done near sinks, under them or even in damp areas.

  1. Professional Pest Control

Professional pest control is usually not needed for cockroaches unless their colony has grown excessively and is encroaching and spreading fast. In such cases, professional pest control experts come in and they use chemicals like Cypermethrin. As a result, the residual effect of the chemical lasts really long and keeps the house or commercial enterprise free from cockroaches at least for 3 months.

  1. Home Remedies

This is basically a method where natural ingredients from the kitchen are used to get rid of cockroaches. One cockroach control that is used here includes baking soda and sugar. Mix both in equal quantities and then leave it on the floor for cockroaches to feast on. The cockroaches feast on the sugar but die after consuming the baking soda. Another remedy is keeping bay leaves in the areas where the infestation is maximum. The bay leaves make the cockroaches wriggle out of their hiding spaces and then you can either spray them or kill them using traps.

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