Make your Cayman Home Hurricane-ready. Follow our Simple Tips


Hurricane season, not only in the Cayman Islands but all around the world, is one of the worst nightmares for every dweller and home owner. Comes the hurricane season,  worried and panic-stricken faces make their appearances everywhere. Especially after the recent Hurricane Irma, that largely affected the US and the Caribbean.

It is about time you considered the safety of your property from a catastrophic hurricane. Make your house hurricane-ready by stocking up your supplies. Below are some tips that will keep you and your property safe from substantial damage caused by the harsh hurricane season of the Cayman Islands.

  • Keep in Sync with the Framed Cayman House-code

Every state frames code for the houses and buildings in its vicinity to ensure the blight makes least destruction. While all the recently-built houses and buildings must have meticulously implemented the requirements listed down in the modern codes, the gamut of old houses and buildings must be verified. Wherever necessary, without any second thought, make the required changes and stick to the modern codes to avoid becoming a victim of a hurricane.

Apart from ensuring the code is followed, examine the hazards your house is exposed to. Check proximity to the coast and floodplain area. The closer you are, the more you are vulnerable. This will help you prepare more cautiously.

  • Inspect the windows, doors and other openings

Relying on the unattended doors and windows just because they survived the previous hurricane is an open invitation to storm for demolishing your house. The time-tested adage – ‘A stitch in time saves nine’, should be followed religiously.

Remember, that even though you have installed the strongest Cayman shutters, it is better to check their hinges and fittings. Because they are main deterrents to the hurricane. If they fall, so does the integrity of your house. So, prepare yourself for this unavoidable task of repairing the shutters and lay a healthy foundation.

Well, if you haven’t installed the modern shutters yet, it is best to install them before the hurricane season begins. These hurricane shutters in the Cayman Islands are the most economical way to overcome hurricanes and storms, as they have the longevity of 10-14 years.

  • Prudent Housekeeping tasks

There are certain basic chores that you must take care of before the hurricane approaches:

  • Is your house surrounded by trees? Make sure you chop off the loose branches and unhealthy trees that are vulnerable to fall over your house due to the storm.
  • Free the internal and external drains from debris to enable them to operate properly.
  • In case of heavy rain, keep the gutters from overflowing. Clean them thoroughly.

Last but not the least – Stock up all the supplies like water, food, etc. in the emergency kit and keep it ready.

  • Review Your Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage

No matter how much government aids you for lodgings, in case of damage being caused to your house, nothing will repair your house. Hence, you must get homeowner’s insurance and gain an in-depth knowledge of it. If you already have it, then ensure checking it time to time to know what it covers during a disaster. It may happen that your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover flood insurance or requires a separate policy for wind coverage. So, get in touch with your insurance agent and discuss with him/her the nitty-gritty of your policy.

Remember, you can’t absolutely make your house hurricane-proof but you can make it hurricane-ready that will cause the least damage to it. Follow our simple tips and stay tuned to your local radio or television for live updates on the weather forecast. Also, make sure you have framed an efficient evacuation plan if need be.

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