Call Professionals when your Air Conditioner Shows these Signs


There are air conditioner issues that can wait. This may not be the most sound advice that we can give you because problems with this appliance should be addressed right away if you don’t want to face a more costly one in the future. But it’s true that there are minor air conditioner issues that can wait for a few months before they get addressed, because the unit can still bear them and there is no risk of accidents at all.

If you have the money for it, then you should get professional help from air conditioner repairmen right away. But if there are more pressing issues to address, like those relating to health and other matters of the same level, then a minor air conditioner issue can wait.

However, we’re discussing major air conditioner problems today. When you see these signs, we highly advise that you call professionals right away because any delay would result either to an accident or to much bigger problems that would cost you too much.

Filter cleaning does not solve the air flow problem

One of the common issues of our air conditioners is its decreased capacity to cool the room down. Just like your car air conditioner, the obvious reason could be the filters. We all know that in time, dust and dirt can block them, resulting to lesser air coming out of the vent. The same can happen to our home air conditioners.

But when you have cleaned the unit’s filter sufficiently and still experience poor air flow, then filter is not the problem. There surely is an underlying issue that you cannot solve by mere DIY cleaning. There are internal components of your air conditioner that can be blocked by dust and molds too, and they can only be cleaned by professionals through chemical wash.

Air conditioner chemical wash is an air conditioning service you require in Singapore because the air quality here is poor. Humidity is high all days of the year and that contributes to the multiplication of dirt in the air. With these particles getting inside your AC, you’ll really need chemical wash, not a mere filter cleaning or replacement. Other reasons for air flow problems are twisted coils inside that need to be straightened or clogged ducts.

Air conditioner emits smelly air

Developing molds and worn out electrical components are the usual culprits for foul AC emissions. You can’t delay solving this problem because your family’s health will and safety will be at risk  if you do.

Developing molds mean millions of bacteria that can get inside your family members’ respiratory systems, exposing them to sickness. Damage in electrical parts, including faulty wires and failing compressor may result to overheating that will cause your cooling unit to breakdown entirely in just a matter of days. Instead of facing a totally broken and irreparable AC, better call professionals to repairs right away.

Sudden electrical bill surge

You know exactly the range of your electrical consumption. Its sudden increase without major changes in electrical appliance usage could mean that your air conditioner is not functioning as it should. Thus, it consumes more electricity than the usual. This may be caused by leaks, clogged ducts, or total malfunction of your AC’s electrical parts. This problem cannot wait any longer. Call for professional air conditioner services if you want to stop that costly electricity consumption right away.

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