Which Kitchen Countertop Is Right For You?


Many sellers plan on remodeling their kitchens before listing their homes, since so many home buyers are drawn to beautiful kitchens and willing to pay more for them, too. One of the most important decisions you will have to make during a kitchen renovation is the countertop. With so many choices available, how do you know which material is right for your home? Look at the pros and cons of each:kitchen countertops


Granite is one of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops, and just including the word granite on your listing description will definitely draw buyers in to look at your home. But, just because it’s popular and sought after does not mean it’s perfect. Granite is durable and resistant to scratches and chips, so homeowners don’t have to worry about banging pots and pans around in the kitchen. If you take the time to seal the granite once a year, it becomes even more durable and valuable. However, it can be hard to pick the exact color of granite that you want. The stone slab that you receive will not always look exactly how it did in the sample piece, so be prepared for a slight variation of what you expected.


If you don’t want to spend as much on your countertop as you would by purchasing granite, tile is a great option, ranging about $5-30 per square foot. Tile is tough and very easy to clean, since you just have to wipe it down with a soft rag or paper towel. It is also resistant to heat and scratches, which makes it a perfect choice for the kitchen. But, tile is not a flat surface, which can make things tricky in the kitchen. Try putting down a glass of wine or a steaming cup of coffee on an uneven surface. Chopping vegetables or rolling out a piece of dough is even more difficult when the surface has bumps in it. Because of this, many buyers avoid tile.


Marble is around the same price as granite, but does not have the same durability. It can be easily scratched, even when you take the time to care for it, and can also chip if you drop something heavy on it. Marble is not the best choice for kitchens, but many buyers love it anyways because it is trendy and looks incredible.


Visually, quartz and granite look very similar. But, they have different pros and cons. Quartz is tough—even tougher than granite, in fact. Unless you are pounding a hammer into quartz countertops, you will probably not be able to chip or scratch this hard surface. It also does not require the annual sealing that granite does, which is another benefit.

Some quartz countertops are designed to look like real granite, while others are more of a solid color. What’s the difference between quartz and granite? Granite may be tough, but quartz is absolutely indestructible in the kitchen. Unless you are demolishing your kitchen with a hammer, you won’t chip or crack quartz countertops. Another benefit is that quartz does not require sealing to prevent damage. However, quartz’s color can begin to fade over time and it is not as resistant to heat as granite is, which may make it a bad fit for the kitchen.

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