Is Your Roof Ready To Handle Everything Winter Will Throw At It?


Eagle Rivet has been in the roofing industry for nearly a century. Their Massachusetts branch performs everything from Tewksbury roof replacement to roof repair. They have earned many manufacturing quality awards and always delivers the best in quality materials and services to their customers.

Servicing Your Roof in Tough Weather Conditions

The winter weather puts a strain on any roof, whether it be a commercial or residential building. Whether you have a flat or pitched roof, you need to be aware of the roof dangers. Below, we will analyze the hidden dangers that winter can pose on your roof and the ways you can take to protect your investment with a Massachusetts roofing contractor.

Snow and Ice Damage

Of course, during the winter, especially in the Northeast, you always have to be aware of the effects of snow damage. When snow piles up on top of your roof you should have it removed right away. With some roofs, the heavy snow can actually cause the roof to collapse and fall through. Snow can also cause water leaks in the roof and seep into your foundation. Ice can build up in the drains and prevent proper water flow, which leads to cracks in your roof. This can damage walls, insulation, foundation, ceilings and more.

Signs of Wear and Cracking

With drastic temperature plunges experienced in the winter, you should have your roof checked at least once during the winter months. You should also look for any visible leaks or cracks, and get those repaired right away by Massachusetts roofers from Eagle Rivet.

Wind Damage

Wind is also a big factor that many people forget can have an impact on their roof in the winter. They can blow shingles off of your roof, which, if this happens, means they will need to be replaced immediately. The wind can also throw debris around in the air that can end up hitting your roof and causing major damage from minor cracks to major holes that can lead to roof leaks.

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