Interior Design Planning: Discovering Your Own Unique Luxury Design Style


Interior design is not just about adding furniture and window treatments to a room. It is about fashioning a luxury décor. Therefore, not only must the furniture be selected to enhance the décor, it must be done cohesively. Home design serves to make your home or living space more functional and individualised.

When you choose an interior design company, then, you need to work with a business that has an extensive background in the design field. They should have a well-rounded knowledge that can be tied to a number of decors and styles. Choose a company that gives you freedom when decorating any type of living or interior space.

Whether you prefer French styles or Victorian decors, you want to convey a design style that is natural to your preferences and personality. Your preferences in tones, colours and textures should be reflected in the upholstery, window treatments and furnishings that are used. Therefore, the interior designers in Melbourne you use should help you realise a design that is specially tailored to you. Luxury, you will find, can come through in many different ways.

An Art Deco Look

For example, the Art Deco style features symmetry in geometry, a décor that emphasises sleek and smooth rectilinear designs. You can recapture the glamour and luxury of the design when you think about your decorating theme in this format.

Contemporary Decors

If you like a modern look, then you will note that this functional styling is underscored with striking, if not flamboyant, concepts and elements. You can combine certain styles and reimagine them in order to produce a one-of-a-kind decorating look.

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French Design Schemes

French design is the epitome of luxury. This kind of design does not sacrifice anything in the way of elegance. The French décor not only brings enduring beauty to a space but also punctuates the environment with opulent flair. Dramatic uses of colour, classic timbers and splendid velvets mark this type of décor.

Georgian Interiors

The Georgian design style features warm full-grained wood finishes of ornately carved objects and furnishings. Delicate yet harmonious designs round out this type of scheme.

Victorian Styling

Many traditionalists like luxury in the form of Victorian styling. The style uses detailed ornamentation and traditional furniture pieces for an elegant yet warm appearance. You can use the whole range of colour schemes, from masculine and rich to feminine and delicate.

The Neoclassical Look

The Neoclassical style is basic splendour that shows off non-complex design forms with natural finishes.

Setting up a Consultation

If you want to work with a designer, the first thing you should do is set up a consultation. When you are satisfied with the design, you can go ahead and place an order. Patterns for decorating are usually placed on the site so you can visualise and plan for the placement of furnishings.

Plus, any modifications for a decorating theme can be made before manufacturing begins. The width, size, height or the proportion of certain furniture pieces can be customised. Another furnishing can be colour-matched when you use a design company as well.

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