How to Choose the Right Fixings and Fasteners


Knowing how to choose the right fixings and fasteners is essential when doing renovations and general construction to both commercial or residential spaces. Just like with any project, it is important to do adequate research. One incorrect assumption could end with cupboards coming off the walls or cords falling from the ceiling.

Professional contractors know how to choose the right fixings and fasteners because they have years of training and hands-on experience. While most people are not experts, the most important thing to consider when choosing fixings and fasteners is to know that one size most definitely does not fit all. Instead of heading to your toolbox and picking out whatever looks like it fits, get familiar with the basics.

Fixing and Fasteners

Determine Weight and Pressure Requirements

When considering how to choose the right fixings and fasteners, identify whether or not the object is load bearing or heavy. In other words, identify whether or not someone could potentially get hurt if the installation does not go as planned. If the answer is yes, make sure the fastener or fixing you choose has been stress tested and certified.

Consider the Surrounding Environment

Knowing how to choose the right fixings and fasteners is especially important in some environmental conditions. For example, if a screw or hose clip is being used outdoors in England’s damp climate, it is important to use a robust material such as stainless steel or zinc. On the flip side, if the project is simply hanging a picture of your kids in the living room, brassed and chrome materials will do just fine.

Know the Material Match

Plastic is not an appropriate fixing or fastener material for stainless steel objects, and vice versa. While knowing how to choose the right fixings and fasteners is not common knowledge, it is important to know what materials are best suited for each other. For example, the level of galvanization and corrosion protection applied to a fixer will determine which metals it is compatible with.

Think About Assembly and Installation

While assembly is extremely simple for some fixings and fasteners, others require professional installation. For more Fixing and Fasteners in Maidstone, visit here hose clip is relatively easy to install, requiring no more than one person. A quick align hinge, however, serves as an aide for a job that most likely requires at least two people. A good rule of thumb is to remember that ease of installation does not necessarily match level of reliability. Invest in quality products that help get the job done with ease.

No matter the scale of renovation or project, be sure to do the appropriate research on how to choose the right fixings and fasteners. Knowing the weight requirements, environmental exposure factors, and installation necessities will put anyone ahead of the game. Contact Direct Tool Sales to get more information and advice on how to choose the right fixings and fasteners.

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