Improve the Décor of Your House by Using Glass Tiles


Tile backsplash is a unique technique in interior designing, which can hugely improve the décor of your house. Most commonly it is used in the kitchen and bathroom area. Not only it adds to the beauty, but also it protects the walls from water splashes. However, tiles are now not limited to kitchen or bathroom area. In fact, you can have it at anywhere in your home according to the interiors.

What are glass tile blocks and how are they manufactured?

This product is a combination of beauty and art. The decorative structures are carefully manufactured that gives strength, structure and durability to the blocks. Best tan subway tile backsplashes are manufactured individually by glass artisans.

These tiles are made by fusing colours within the layers of the glass at a certain specific temperature. Since they are made with utmost care and attention the colours don’t fade away easily. There is a huge array of colours and shapes available in the market. You must take a professional help before you use these tiles to increase the beauty of the interiors. They will give the right idea about how to use these tiles.

Places where you can use these tiles

To create an illusion of bigger place

Glass tiles reflect light from the surrounding environment and make the space look wider. Therefore, if you want to enliven certain place, which is cramped and small, you can use light coloured tiles with back splashes.

To accentuate living rooms

With a wide variety of options available you can make your room look regal. For an electric or contemporary look, you can play with colours and surfaces of the tiles. You can also turn your living room into a relaxing place by using shades of light blue and lavender.

Moreover, for a subtle yet elegant look, you can use rugged and semi polished surfaces which is eye catching, attention drawing and at the same time refreshing. Not only it breaks the monotony of the rooms, but also gives a classy look to your home.

Alter the look of your fireplace

Fire place are mostly prone to damages. Gone are the days where you had to repeatedly repaint the walls of your fireplace. You will be surprised to know that glass tiles have much higher standards of heat expansion and are temperature resistant.

This means that glass backsplashes can withstand temperature fluctuations than any porcelain or traditional tiles. Nevertheless, backsplash is worth your investment. Now you can impress your friends and family with the new design of your fireplace.

Showing off your backyard pool

Owning a pool is a dream of every house owner where you can enjoy hot and sultry days. However, most of the pools look dull with white or blue tiles. Now, you can alter the look of the pool by using backsplashes or a combination of backsplashes. Not only will it make your pool look livelier, but also the surface will be resistant to erosion.


Using glass tiles as backsplashes will not only make your home beautiful, but also it increases the value of your property. If the value of the property increases, it will fetch you better returns when you plan to sell it. Also, its rental value will increase. Above all, by using glass tiles, the maintenance cost is reduced.

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