The 7 Benefits of Installing Security Doors


We all like to feel safe in our own homes, and sometimes it seems like that might not be possible.

A dangerous neighbourhood, a faulty lock, or a recent break-in are all things that can make us feel unsafe. Buying yourself Crimsafe security doors can resolve this feeling of unease, but many people don’t know of the other benefits a security door offers, so we wrote a handy guide of the 7 benefits of installing security doors. 

Reduced Stress 

First and foremost, the reduction in stress levels in phenomenal once you have security doors installed. You’re no longer worried about break-ins while you’re out at work, or even worse, while you’re at home asleep. There’s less hassle with locking up, because a good screen door will lock from the outside and make any older locks on the inside door moot points.

Higher Security Levels

This is the obvious benefit of a security door, though it still bears mentioning.

A security door can prevent a person who is actively attempting to break into your house from succeeding in their goal, and modern construction techniques also means many modern doors can’t be torn or stabbed through, making them truly secure.


A security door can also act as a deterrent for anyone attempting to break into your home, and any person who cases a house before robbing it will have to find another, less discreet way to enter your house. This could mean the difference between a successful robbery and an attempted robbery, so the investment is well worth it.

Guest Appeal

Screen doors can actually be designed as very beautiful additions to the front of a house, and can appeal to guests coming into your home for this reason. A unique front door is very memorable, and just as memorable is the security door if it’s not a stock standard model. It can also offer guests who are staying the night a taste of the aforementioned heightened security and reduced stress levels, making it a winner with the visitors.

Fresh Air

An unexpected bonus of a security door is that it allows you to use your front door as a ventilation entryway, letting in the fresh air which can then exit through the open windows. This promotes fresh air circulating around your house, and acts as a fly screen at the same time, keeping out the pests. Making such an important and central point in your household a ventilation point means a steady supply of fresh air to all rooms, and a larger volume than could otherwise make it’s way through a window.

Door-To-Door Scammers 

As anybody with social anxiety will tell you, door to door salesmen are hard to deal with. Sometimes they want to come inside, sometimes they’ll stand at the door and waste your time for a while, but nobody wants to just close a door in someone else’s face. A screen door means you can look at who’s knocking before you open the door, and avoid these salesmen where possible. 

Early Warning System 

Finally, screen doors are rattle-prone at the best of times, and downright noisy at others.

To some people this can be annoying, but to others this is a feature that is invaluable to the screen door. A screen door will make noise when someone is attempting to unlock or remove it, unlike a wooden door, and it can also rattle loudly in the case of an earthquake, for those situated in earthquake-prone areas.

These are the benefits of a screen door, and there are so many different kinds to pick from so you don’t even need to settle on one design or another. It’s a whole different kind of house facade personalisation, and embracing it wholly is the best way to get added security and added peace of mind.

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