How to Strategically Prepare for Moving Day


Making the decision to move is more than just selling and buying a home. When you move, you’re essentially changing your way of life. From the neighbors you wave to in the morning to the morning paper you read, from the dentist who cleans your teeth to the park where you walk your dog—moving homes entails not just a new living space, but also a new life.

That is why staying organized, being prepared and having an acute sense to attention-to-detail are the key elements of making a smooth transition.  If you’re counting down the days until moving day, it’s imperative that you stay strategically equipped with the step-by-step processes that make up a stress-free move.

2 Months Before you Move

  • Research at least three moving service companies, and make sure that their quotes are relative to an in-house assessment first.
  • Get in touch with your insurance agent so that all your personal records are transferred properly.
  • Make a list of service providers you wish to contact so that you’re prepared to install in-home entertainment (e.g., Directtv Select Package) plumbing, gas and electric, etc.
  • Purchase the essentials you will need for packing (e.g., boxes, pens, Styrofoam, labeling tape, etc.)

1 Month Before you Move

  • Settle on a moving company that you feel comfortable enough to handle your possessions.
  • Contact your current service provider to disengage your cable, Internet, electric and any other services that you may need to cancel.
  • Visit a nearby post office and fill out a Change of Address
  • Schedule a final “routine check up” visit from your current health care physician(s) as it may take time to find a new doctor.
  • Get a head start on packing the items that you don’t need on an everyday basis.

How to Strategically Prepare for Moving Day

2 Weeks Before you Move

  • Make sure that you clean the rooms in your house that are currently unoccupied or empty.
  • Schedule services that you may need in your new home urgently (e.g., carpet cleaning, painting, etc.)
  • If you’re making a long drive, consult with your local auto mechanic to make sure your car is equipped to handle long distance and/or change in weather conditions.

1 Week Before you Move

  • Pack up all personal items (e.g., jewelry) into individual bag that you will have on you at all times.
  • Confirm with your moving service of the date and time.
  • Make sure to properly label each box with what it should and whether or not it’s “fragile” or should be “loaded last.”
  • Make sure that you’ve canceled all subscriptions that are aligned with your old address.
  • If you’re traveling with children, make sure to talk to them about the situation, and possibly take them to say goodbye to any friends or places that are significant to them.
  • Organize all keys, codes and alarms so that you’re ready to hand them over to the new owner.

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