How to Renovate Your Roof?


You want to repair / renovate your roof. Only you do not know how. Indeed, the roof is a difficult area to access and unrecognized. In addition, the cost of renovation is often expensive. Start first by checking the condition of your roof: evacuations, openings, blankets, assess the damage caused by time and weather. Take this opportunity to clean these areas (leaves, moss …).


Then second important point, find the theme in your area: tiles, natural slate, mix, follow the standards scrupulously the building permit or declaration in town hall will be provided in case of re identical or. Complete change.

Your possibilities renovation

You can perform a renovation identically, be sure to find the original materials. Alternatively, if you can, from a new roof, in line with regional rules, Depending on your budget, you can review all or part of your roof, mixing new materials with old ones. Before you start, check the current state of the roof: insulation, sturdy?

Do it yourself?

Some would say that it is difficult or almost impossible for a novice to tackle a job like this. Besides the danger of the establishment (if you are not equipped in terms of safety), it is the end result and the repercussions resulting deserving professional achievement. Also, we can advise you, especially if the roof is entirely revised, you turn to experts in the field. The cost varies depending on the size of the roof, repairs to be provided on the surface (leak) but also in the area where you are located habitat. Do not stop with a single quote, request different companies to find one that suits you.

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