The Advice to Choose Table for Living Room


In reality, a successful show without coffee table is not. Without being critical, the coffee table is needed and is a very useful element. Round coffee table, square, rectangular, etc., difficult to navigate among so many choices. Do not take the head; this buying guide contains information that will help you find your coffee table.

The Advice to Choose Coffee Table

Questions to ask

  • What is the structure of my living room?
  • What is his style: modern, traditional, design?
  • What coffee table would not fit better with my inner round, square or rectangular?
  • Do I have enough space to put there the coffee table of my choice?
  • What use am I to do?
  • What element do I emphasize: convenience or maintenance?
  • How much money should I expect?


  • Coffee Table

The style of the coffee table will harmonize with the decor of your living room. You can find round, oval, square or rectangular. They must be proportional to the couch neither too small nor too large nor too low or too high. To do so, please measure the height of the seat of your couch. So if you have a corner sofa, coffee table rectangular nice size will comply perfectly without being crushed by the couch.

More coffee tables are glass, shiny and transparent; they give ambiance to your room.

For small spaces, the coffee table should display a small, but offer an original design and bright color, able to give pep to your living room and find her place.

  • End Table

The end table is a small side table that is between the coffee table and stool. Decorative and discreet, it also finds its place on the side of the sofa, for practical use.

It is narrower and taller than the coffee table to match the height of the couch. You will be asking a book, a glass of water, a small lamp or even the remote.

It comes in a variety of shapes and styles. Yours will match your sofa, your carpet or walls through a choice of colors and materials result. Opt for an offset sofa end with the rest of the decor so that it becomes the centerpiece of the living room for more originality.


Regarding this matter, it is advisable to make a choice according to your interior but also your lifestyle. So remember to practicality and maintenance of your furniture. Here are the materials to prefer coffee table:

  • Wood

When wood coffee table holds your attention, check if you have other wooden elements in your living room as It is necessary that the color of your table is consistent with the rest of your interior. It would be convenient to mix with dark pine wood. Note that the wooden table is strong and can suffer shocks without too much damage.

  • Glass

Very fragile glass table will be more readily considered a design coffee table, harmonizing with your decoration. When it has a metal frame or wood, glass coffee table will become the centerpiece of your interior. However, if you have young children, ask about the type of glass but also its thickness to be aware of its strength.

  • Plastic

Very malleable, plastic coffee table is a contemporary table. When plastic your living room table offers new forms: spheres, waves, overlays, etc.

The light plastic coffee table will give your living room a subdued atmosphere while creating surprise your guests.

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