How To Choose The Best Curtains For Your Kids Room?


The curtain is a familiar thing at home. They help in provide a better space for us. They decorate our place, our home. We need to be careful about choosing  curtains .When you are designing a curtain for your kids you have to make sure what your kids like most. If they like numbers so you buy a number pattern if she like a Barbie then you buy Barbie pattern. Curtain is manufactured in different fabric and different pattern. Usually curtain fabric is thick.

What curtains do for room:-

Firstly they covered room window from daylight. If you’re kids are sleeping covers the window with curtain. Provide safety if our house is road side or our house is corner so that window should be covered.  The curtain are mainly used for three things first decorating, second safety and third for privacy.

Fabrics for Kids Curtains: For kid there are many fabrics available in market. Kids Curtains depends on what’s your kid’s like most. Kids Curtains are available in pattern like dotted, cartoon, alphabets, number and many other are available. Fabric like cotton and any light weighted fabric are good for kid’s room. Fabrics like polyester, velvet are not going good in kid’s room. Curtains fabrics are available in different types in wide range in all over world.

Kids Curtains

Curtains Patterns for Girls Room: Kids Curtains pattern for girls room are of many type. Choose Kids Curtains according to the age of your baby. If your baby is two year old then select curtain pattern like alphabet, story etc. If your baby is 5 year old try to know their favourite thing and work on that. Mostly girl’s preferred pink colour even parent like the colour. If you don’t like any of these patterns you can create a Kids Curtains with your creativity like shading, colouring, and painting. It depends on you.

Curtains Patterns for boys Room:- Kids Curtains pattern for boys rooms are light up with some effect and cartoon likes Spiderman, Pokémon etc. Same as choose according to your baby like. Make sure which colour they like and match the colour with door and wall. Also do some decorations in Kids Curtains according to your baby need.

Safety tips while hanging Kid’s Curtains

  • Do not leave your small children near curtain.
  • Tight the curtain poles.
  • Keep the curtain pole high’ children should not reach there.
  • If you have a small children in your home then avoid looped curtain.
  • Don’t place sofa and table near window. Children can easily reach there.
  • Use lightweight wait curtain for children safety.

Points to keep in mind while buying Kids Curtains:-

While buying Kids Curtains think about your baby living style mostly small baby have a habit on sleeping in the day times. Select dark colour curtain with some tiny pattern help your kids to sleeping daylight. Buy some delicate stuff for you children room. Don’t buy dark colour fabric. Choose light weight curtain for children because heavy wait curtains are easily absorb dust this may lead you children to cause infection. Buy a c Kids Curtains is good idea but to know about your children like help him to bring a smile on your children face.

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