Factors to consider while leasing New Office Space


Moving offices can seem so overwhelming that many companies allow their business to be compromised simply so they can stay put. But it doesn’t have to be a frightening experience. Changing your office space can have an extremely positive effect on your organization. It gives you the chance to grow, save money and update your image. There are three main factors to consider when you’re looking for a new office space; location, business needs and the lease agreement. To know more about renting a new office space, visit rent office space Location.office space

When seeking a new office space location you will firstly need to consider the area and whether it suits the image of your business? The ideal location really depends on what kind of company you are. If you’re a finance company looking for office space in London you’ll want something in the City surrounded by businesses in the same sector. Perhaps you’re a media company then, Soho in London’s West End may be the best location. Have a look at the location and determine if it’s the right place for your business. Think about what impression it will give your clients. Decide what image you want to project and ask yourself if the location reflects that.

Secondly, determine who your neighbors are and what they have planned. If you’re sharing an office space then ask if the other organizations plan to renew their lease or make any amendments that may affect your company. Lastly consider if this location is convenient. Good transport links are essential for both your clientele and your staff. If your office isn’t easy to get to it could have a huge impact on staff satisfaction. A high staff turnover can be costly and disruptive to your business. Making sure your location is convenient will help keep valuable workers onside.

Your office space needs

Whether you’re moving from one premise to another, or you have a new business, carefully setting out what you need in an office space is imperative to finding the ideal place. Consider the size you need. Renting a property that is too large will mean you’ll end up paying for unused office space, which is a waste of money. Likewise if it’s too small then you’re likely to quickly outgrow it. When looking at an office space, ask yourself what infrastructure it will require.

Lease types can vary significantly and it’s worth doing your research when moving office space. Flexibility is key to any business in the current climate. All companies will be hoping that they can grow and expand. Check whether the lease agreement gives your company the ability to expand. This may be renting a larger space within the same building or having the ability to expand from the current location. Also look at options should you need to downsize your operations. To know more about renting office space visit, rent office space.

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