How to Buy Awnings for Your House


During the summers, the heat in Melbourne can get quite intense. That is one of the main reasons why you will need to buy awnings in order to cover the windows. Most people think that awnings are mainly used in commercial buildings and shops. However, because they are so convenient to use, many homeowners have now begun to install awnings in their house as well.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know anything about awnings before they go out to buy them. As a result, they often end up paying more for a product that isn’t really up to their liking. To help you out, here is a brief guide to making your first purchase:

Know the Product

Awnings are usually made out of an aluminium frame. Aluminium is a very light metal, thus making it a great choice for installation on walls. They can be placed above walls, doors or even the area above a sidewalk. There are two types of awnings that you can buy. The retractable awnings are slightly more expensive because they have a rotating mechanism and wheel installed. The simple awnings cannot be retracted and must be affixed in place. Ideally, you should go for retractable awnings. There are times during the day when you will prefer a bit of sunlight pouring in.

Using these awnings is not difficult either. All you have to do is use the wheel to retract the awning and adjust it according to your needs. The awning fabric is usually pretty thick and is water resistant. Therefore, in case of rainfall, you don’t have to worry about the area just below the window getting bad. Awnings are available in a variety of different designs too.


Know Your Budget

Now that you have a basic idea of all the different types of awnings in Melbourne, the next step is to set your budget. More affordable, budget awnings are simple and are available in a handful of frame styles. You don’t even have a lot of variety in selecting the fabric either. Moreover, you can’t choose custom sizes (they are only available in standard window sizes).

You need to decide how much money you want to spend on your awnings. Ideally, budget awnings are a great choice. Not only do they provide a clean, modern look to the windows, but they are also very functional. The construction might be of a lower quality, but the modern styles can complement virtually any building.

They are made from a lightweight aluminium frame that is resistant to corrosion and very easy to install. They usually come with a simple set of instructions that you can use in order to fix the awning in place. They also come with plastic caps (rather than regrind materials). The caps won’t break so easily. The stainless steel mounting hardware is resistant to rust and bleeding, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining your awnings for a long time to come.

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