Dorm Cleaning 101, or the tips no one gave you in advance


You are careless, free, happy, joyful, wild and young, you are living in the campus, but the everyday problems anyone can have are so distant and pointless for you right now – it is all parties and fun and meeting new people, making friends, getting to know different cultures, learning and being together, reading, screaming, lying in the grass, having picnics, cocktails and the very best of these four years. Well, it is all true and all real, but so is your room and the great necessity of cleaning you have to face with. So in one calm Saturday afternoon when you have just woken up, you are staying in the middle of your dorm room with your mate and you are kind of amazed by this whole mess. You are impressed by your abilities to disorganize and in the same time you both are a little bit confused. Having no detergents, no help from your parents, no house maid, no tools, having almost nothing, you are laughing and joking, but the problem seems not to be able to solve all by itself and you need indeed to brace yourself up to work, but as you lack an experience, you don’t even know where you should start from, what should you do first and how the hell could you turn this battle-field in the magical place you moved in a couple of months ago. Well, welcome to Dorm Cleaning 101, take notes, if needed.



Oh, God, this may take you ages, because the mess is simply a mess: piles of clothes on the floor and on the chairs, dubious objects all over the room, too much stuff on the desk and a bed somewhere beneath all the things you now see. Well, yeah, the reality is even somehow despairing, but if you start decluttering now, everything will look much better in a less amount of time, I promise. Throw away the things you never use, arrange the things you need and stop buying pointless stuff, because you not only waste your money thus, but you fill your room with useless things, which is a crime.

Find easy solutions

There are coffee rings all over the desk and even a huge wine stain in its middle. Your computer is covered with so much dust that you can barely see it and there are some sticky surfaces you don’t even want to touch. Well, don’t call your mum, because she will tell you to buy detergents and tools and you better spend your money for something more fun, so go to the supermarket and get simple traditional wet wipes. With their magical help you can clean the furniture, the screens of your electronic devices and almost every other surface. You can get a small car vacuum-cleaner which will be absolutely perfect for vacuuming every kind of dirt, dust and even leftovers and will be a lot cheaper that the big normal one you won’t be able to transport in the end.

Cleaning tip by SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning London

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