How Should You Renovate Your Home For Summers?


Everybody deserves a makeover once in a while, so why is there an exception for your home? Summers are already in, and what better way to get ready for it than to spruce up your home. We’re not just talking about spring cleaning, but also redecorating your home to give it a healthier and fresher look.

As soon as the weather goes warm, you all will be putting on your chef’s hat and hosting parties for your friends and family, so keeping your home in shape before all this is very much necessary. Creating a living space with what’s au courant can be a little challenging. However, you should keep in mind that since it is summer, being a minimalist with open spaces, white paint paired with vibrant colors, and letting that sunlight in never goes out of style.

If you still are confused about what and how to revamp your home, don’t worry, we got you covered. We’ll give you some insights on what 2020 has in store for you as well as a few tricks you could use without having to invest too much on the new look. Here are some tricks you can infuse in your homes.


This year is all about comfort. No matter how trendy your room is, you can never compromise on your comfort.

You should buy plush couches in cool and rich jewel tones of blue and green along with faux-fur pillows. This refreshing and casual tone in your sofas will work best during upcoming summers.


Wondering what this is? Shade sails are the ones that you can use to enjoy the sun without having to expose yourself to it. But where can you use these shades? Simple, you can use it in your patio outside of your sunroom or even your backyard, what a better way to enjoy the summers, especially if you have a pool party in mind, having a shade sail is an ultimate solution.


If you are not happy with what you already have and wish only to play around with colors, then go for it. Here is our pick of paint colors for the summers; these colors can easily be paired up with what you already have:

  • Classic blue
  • Whitewash
  • Blush/ millennial pink
  • Burnt orange
  • Hunter green
  • Sunnyside up yellow
  • Cool breeze blue

So grab the paintbrushes and start doing the job.


What a great comeback of Crittall-style windows this year. Who could resist the gorgeous black frames? This year, it is not just the windows, but have you ever tried Crittall style doors or room dividers. The big graphic look will instantly make your room look clean, professional, and modern. If you like your living room absorbing in all the sunlight, then you do not want to miss this out.


Summer means more time in the outdoors of your house. It is always a great experience to spend the beautiful evenings in your home lawn with your family. When you are going to spend a good bit of time out there, why not spend some bucks on purchasing some new stuff for the place. It is the perfect time to spurn the magic on the exterior of your house by adding a fountain, bench, or some smart fun-filled activities for your kids on the lawn. It won’t only provide your family members to enjoy the evenings but will also allow your kids to have some quality activity time.


The renovating trends for summer 2020 are more vibrant and display comfort and luxury even if you plan on going simple. No matter what style, color, or furniture you choose to go with, it is always essential to own it all. Your home is a representation of your personality, show who you are on the inside.

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