How Pick Replacement Windows for Your Home


Sometimes you can just repair your old windows if you have just small leaks or your windows loose, but experts always recommend replacements if windows are not just leaky, but tough to operate or there is only one pane of glass left. New technologies and materials have may cost a lot but in the long run will pay for themselves by eliminating the cost of maintenance and reducing energy bills every month.

But if you have already thought about window replacement then you know that when you start getting deeper in some issue you might get lost because of variety of options and types on the market. At the same time if you come to a store to buy new windows without knowing at least something about this issue you will get lost too only because of the shop assistant’s questions.

So when you firmly decided to replace your old windows with new ones you need to think about three main issues: the material the window is made of, its system, and the glazing type it is made with. After knowing basic information about these issues your goals and budget for the home improvement will shape your your choices in each category.

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Replacement windows come in aluminum vinyl, fiberglass, clad wood, or wood. Each type looks and performs in a different way, and so their cost varies among materials pretty widely. As a universal rule, the most expensive option is clad wood, as it combines energy efficient performance and low maintenance with a traditional look. On the contrary, vinyl windows, with great energy performance but heavier look and lack of traditional details, tend to cost much less.


When you come to the choice of the right window system it will depend on how many parts of the existing window you want to replace in order to solve any problems. In the contemporary world and on the windows market exemplified by Ecoline windows Winnipeg Company there are at least three main window systems, such as sash replacements, unitary frame sash replacements and full window units with new structural frames. If you see that your old window frames are very rotted and you easily can find signs of water damage in your windows’ wall framing, then you are likely to wish prime windows purchase. If, on the other hand, your problem is in the sound and square frames, then you might be able to get away with simply sash replacement.


Double-pane insulating glass is a standard option used in most replacement windows, but you can also get triple-pane glass or add some special features, for example gas fill or low-E coatings which can enhance energy performance; some other options address security, safety, noise control, privacy and reduce cleaning needs.

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After you have determined your needs and already decided which type suits your home best, the time to choose a windows company comes. This is an absolutely “different story” but always make this choice very considerable and accurate.

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