Choose Best Replacement Windows for Your Home


The whole article will aim to answer one simple question about replacement windows: what advice can professionals have for replacing windows.

To begin with, let’s clarify the definition: replacement windows are such windows which are or were designed to fit into the existing frame structure that the old windows come out of.

When thinking about the glass type for your windows, professionals advise choosing the R-value and the U-factor windows. Both of these ratings tell about the efficiency of the purchased windows. The R-value indicates insulation qualities of a window. As a rule, it values tart from 0.9 and up. Best insulation qualities of a window usually start from the number 3.

The U-factor is real efficiency factor. It shows how well a window can save heat inside the house. Here the lower number you see on the windows the better. As a rule, clever homeowners will choose numbers from 1.1 to 0.3.

If talking about glass, there are three main options. The most popular and used one is called low-emissivity or low-e glass. This type has special coating in order to keep heat both in or out, depending on what time of the year we are talking about. Today on the window market you can also see another – heat-absorbing glass. It aims to keep the solar energy and the heat out of your house. Furthermore, it will also help prevent you carpets or sofas from fading out. The third most common window glass type is reflective glass, which is on the same level with heat-absorbing glass but in its construction you will find a film to reflect the harmful UV rays.

5 basic types of window replacement

  • Aluminum – has become much less popular nowadays because the energy efficient qualities in these frames are pretty low.
  • Fiberglass is a fairly new material on the replacement windows market. Windows with fiberglass are typically the most expensive option but they have a very high R-value, so you have a possibility to save more money on the heating bills.
  • Wooden frames are also great in R-values because wood is in fact a great natural insulator. Here you might face a little problem of condensation but it is not very high. The biggest issue about wood windows is high-cost maintenance because these frames require some periodic painting and scraping. But if you decided to create an eco-friedly environment in your house, Ecoline windows Calgary Company advises to use exactly wood as it is ecologically clean material. Most contemporary designers prefer to use wood as the best Eco-friendly material in their projects.
  • Vinyl has become an extremely popular because there are a lot of styles to choose from and which is more important they are very energy efficient. Vinyl windows can be found in various colors, shapes and styles for any design of a house.
  • Fibrex is a mix of vinyl and wood, which absorbed the best features of both types in order to create a window that is highly energy-efficient and still low in maintenance.

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