How Much To Spend On Wood Flooring


A lot of homeowners find it perplexing to decide that what should be the cost of wood flooring. They think that paying little may not help them get a good quality wooden floor and there may be instances when contractors may even cheat them.  If someone has no knowledge then they simply can’t differentiate between a good and bad deal.

Wood flooring plays an important role and it also enhances the appeal of your property. Good quality floors make you feel great at home. The choice for different types of floors can be overwhelming and deciding the cost factor is more baffling.

Cost for different types of wood flooring varies greatly. As it is a long term investment and reflects your taste it is important to understand the different types of wood flooring design cost. So, here we have discussed about it in detail to help you make the best deal.

Types of wooden floors:

There are two types of wood floors. One is the solid wood floor and the other is engineered wood floor. The solid wood floors are usually 3/4″ thick and you can either get it in a raw or pre finished shape.  Engineered wood floor is 1/8″ thick and it has more number of plywood underneath. These have a top layer made of cherry, oak, maple, etc.

Engineered wood floors are more in demand as this cost less than the solid wood floor. You can refinish the engineered wood floors like a solid wooden floor. However, its life is shorter than the hardwood floor.

Now, let’s check the cost of different wooden floors

  • Traditional wood floor: A traditional wood floor is three inches wide or less. Planks are of 7 inches. A soft wood like pine cost S3 to $6 per square foot. The per foot installation cost is $3 to $5. American cherry, teak and oak costs $5 to $10 per square foot. The per foot installation cost is $4 to $8. Lastly, per square foot cost of high quality wood like cypress, tigerwood, mahogany and Brazilian wood is $4 to $8.
  • Engineered wood floor: There are different kinds of engineered hardwoods available in the market and it is the most versatile option which one can think of. It is heat and moisture resistant and works amazingly for a long time. The per square foot cost of an average quality wood is $3 to $5 and depending on the type of layout the per square foot installation cost will vary. It is usually $3 to $10. High quality engineered wood floor cost that has about 7 or more layers is around $8 to $13 square foot. The per square foot installation cost is $3 to $10.
  • Hardwood flooring types: Hardwood floors are made of several tree varieties and if you have pets at home then it may not be a good option. If there are spills on the floor then you should clean them quickly else it may damage the wood. Each variety of hardwood floors is different in terms of durability, characteristic and price.   Following are some types of hardwood and their price.
  1. Maple: It is hard and ideal for high traffic areas. It costs $3.50 to $6 per square foot. It can be hard to deal with.
  2. Bamboo: You get many colors when it comes to Bamboo floors and these are durable and very hard in nature. The cost is $2 to $4 per square foot.
  3. Pine: You can get warm tones or rustic knot patterns and it can withstand scratches as well as dents. The cost is $1.50 to $4 per square foot.
  4. White Ash: You can get creamy color and some soft or pale gray knots. The cost is $5 to $6 square foot.
  5. Red Oak: Per square foot price of red oak is $2 to $6 square foot and it glows in the light. It is extremely durable and creates a wonderful warm ambience.

If you would like to get more information on the characteristics of hardwood floors then calling a reputed hardwood flooring Utah Company near your area will be quite beneficial. They are also experts in installing the hardwood floor, so you can even think of taking their services.

Cost and cost factors:

If you want to install a wooden floor in a 1000 square foot area then it will cost around eight thousand dollars. If you choose only a few rooms to install these wooden floors then the cost will be less. It is about eight to ten dollars per square foot.

The different cost factors that can increase or decrease the cost include the following

  • Wood type
  • If you live remotely then you will get the wood at a high price
  • If you need to the wood work around plumbing, electrical, HVAC and other such systems then the cost will be affected
  • Sales tax
  • Inspection fee and permits
  • Labor cost


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