How Different Materials Used for making your pool coping Creative?


There are pool lovers all over the world who would enjoy swimming on a hot, summer day. Majority of homeowners have pools in their backyard. People love to come up with interesting ideas for decorating the pool. However, an important aspect of having a fancy pool is to get pool coping. If the pool is constructed of concrete, it will certainly need coping. It acts as a protective layer for the edge of the pool. So, every time you see a person hang out of the pool, he is holding onto the coping.  Creatively inclined people play with different styles to make their coping blend with the backyard decor. There are many home improvement and design magazines that are used to make pool coping beautiful.

You can choose from wide array of materials and styles for pool coping.

Here are some ideas for your inspiration:

Stone Coping:

 Natural stones like the marble, travertine, granite, fieldstone, limestone, bluestone etc make good material for pool coping. Also helps in maintaining and cleaning your pool.

  • They are available in pre-cut slabs or tile forms. You can get the natural stone customized if you have a design in your mind. It is up to you on how you would want to lay the stones.
  • You can paver, curve or even put the slabs in random pattern. If you desire a satin-smooth finish, you can hone the stone.
  • Rough textures of the natural stones too make good pool coping. Leaving it untreated to weather out naturally or sealing it is your choice.

Concrete Coping:

 There are pre-cast formats in which the concrete is poured to form the pool coping. The best part about this form of coping is you can go wild with the patterns. Stamp it, distress it or color it to blend with the ambiance, concrete gives you the freedom. You can mimic any look of the costliest natural stone. You can easily work your way with this type of coping. As compared to the natural stones, the concrete is cheaper and easier to install. However, the concrete might not be as sturdy as the natural stone.

1.Porcelain Coping:

  •  Similar to the concrete coping, the porcelain tiles are available easily. They come in different patterns and textures.
  • With natural stones, you will have to accommodate the natural color they are available in. But the porcelain tiles allow you to choose any color that you have in mind. If you intend to create a theme or setting around the pool, then the porcelain tiles are very helpful.
  • The natural stones are strong and can easily outlast all of the other options available for coping.

1.Brick Coping:

  • It is needless to introduce the bricks. The natural clay bricks or the molded concrete bricks make good pool coping. They offer a classic style to the pool.
  • You can choose colors that imitate the look of the natural stones. Also, you will find bricks are available in distinctive colors that help you style your pool the way you want.
  • As mentioned earlier, bricks are not as strong and sturdy as the natural stones. However, if you have a restricted budget, bricks make a good option for the coping.

Coping conceals the steel that projects from the swimming pool’s wall. Since coping is mounted on bond beam, it covers the sharp concrete edges of the pool to keep the swimmers safe. When coping is installed properly, it prevents the water from splashing past its shell. Even if it does, the water flows into the deck drains. Pool coping is extremely functional and adds a great charm to your pool. You can choose to have any shape for your pool and any of these materials will make good option for the coping. So, design your pool by coping in a special manner today!

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