Don’t Get Caught Out in the Cold


Choosing the right type of freezer for your business is a major purchase that needs to be well researched. Finding the perfect piece of equipment for your freezing needs requires the consideration of various factors. Here is what you need to consider before purchasing freezer equipment.

First Things First

To start looking for a suitable freezer for your business you must consider a few important details. First of all, you need to recognise the size and scope of your freezing needs. Make sure you are certain what size of freezer you need and where it will fit. You want to avoid purchasing a freezer and sadly realising later that it doesn’t fit in the desired space. Now this might seem simple, but often people will buy a freezer, either online or at a store, and not check to see if the freezer doors open upright or from the side, and then they unfortunately have to return it when the freezer doors can’t open due to a ceiling or wall. Secondly, ensure that you purchase or rent commercial freezers that fit your business costs. Determine how often the freezer is going to be used and for how long. This is important because you do not want an overly big freezer that runs up your electric bill. Lastly, research the warranty information associated with the freezer you are planning to purchase. The warranty should encompass and account for how often the freezer will be running and what you believe the general wear and tear could be on it. Warranties for freezers can be anywhere from one to five years, so making sure you have the right warranty is vital.


Finding the Right One

Once you have researched the factors mentioned above, it is time to find the right freezer for you. There are various options, each with their own unique qualities. Let’s start with perhaps the most common type: the walk-in freezer. Needless to say this is the one of the largest freezers on the market and is usually used in large-scale restaurants and grocery stores. Walk-in freezers allow for large storage and quick and easy access to what’s inside. Due the size of these freezers, careful planning is needed to ensure you have the space needed for one. Another common type are chest freezers, which are considerably smaller than walk-ins but are still a very good way to store perishable foods without taking up so much space. Chest freezers are wider than they are tall and usually open from the top. Conversely, upright freezers are taller than they are wide, and the doors open from the side. Upright freezers come with adjustable shelving and a variety of options for the doors. Last of all are counter and under counter freezers. These are great because they are smaller, and under counter freezers can slide in and under most types of restaurant or kitchen fixtures.

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