A Guide To Portable Appliance Testing


Health and safety guidelines mean that your household electrical items need to be tested in order to make sure that you are not at risk of getting an electric shock from them. Once an appliance is declared safe, you will be able to use it. Any items which fail the test should not be used under any circumstances.

These inspections are carried out by electricians who have been specifically trained. You do not have to do this yourself. What is portable appliance testing?

Earth Resistance Testing

The earth resistance pat testing in Worthing is a simple one that will be carried out by the electrician. You do not need to do anything at all. This test can be performed

1) This studies how the earthed rods offer resistance to the electrical supply.

2) Once the earthed rods have passed the test, the next stage of the inspection can begin.

User Check Advice

The electrician can give you a large amount of advice about conducting these tests by yourself. This ensures that you can inspect the appliances every couple of weeks to make sure that there are no problems. They will tell you to look out for certain signs:

1) Frayed cables that could cause electric shocks. These can be repaired by the electrician.

2) Loose sockets.

3) Cracks in the appliance being used.

4) Loose screws.

You do not need a degree in electrical engineering to carry out these checks. An electrician is going to explain the warning signs that will be apparent when appliances need to be fixed or completely replaced.

Earth Continuity Testing

The earth continuity test will be carried out by the electrician. You do not need to do this by yourself. The electrician will take care of everything for you. This can be performed on any appliance that has developed an issue.

1) Testing is performing with an ohmmeter to get an exact reading.

2) When the protective earth circuit passes the test, the next stage of the inspection can be completed.

Insulation Resistance Testing

The current can leak out of faulty wires, meaning that the electrical supply is diminished.

1) The insulation resistance can be tested by using specialist equipment.

2) Once this test has been completed, the next phase can be carried out.

Polarity Checking

The order of the plug pins needs to correspond with the wiring of the socket. Sometimes this can be incorrect.

1) The electrician will be able to switch the wiring of the plug so that it can be plugged in safely without the risk of electric shock.

Article Summary

Once all the tests have been carried out, you will be safe to use the appliances and plugs in your house. This testing can be carried out on a yearly basis by a fully-qualified team of electricians. Use the same firm to carry out these inspections, in order to ensure consistency. Most tests will show that everything is working perfectly.


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