Grounded Ideas – A Simple Guide to Making Your Floors Look Brand New


There are many reasons to keep a tidy home. Studies have shown that a messy environment can actual cause your brain to maintain a stress response while you’re living in them, and while a little bit of stress can be useful every now and again, major doses of stress have flow-on effects for your emotional, social and physical wellbeing.

It pays to switch off the Netflix, log off Facebook and get up and clean the house at least once a week. This can be challenging, especially if you juggle work, study, caring, raising kids or the other thousand demands that modern living throws at us all every day. But with a bit of disciple, and a healthy routine, you can manage to keep your home in a somewhat reasonable state – it doesn’t have to be a magazine, Stepford wife perfect, but it can be done.

And the one area of the house that accumulates the most dirt and debris are the floors. So if you want to learn how to make your floors look factory new, read on to find out.

Steam mops

Buying a great quality steam mop is the first step to having sparkling floors. They work so much more efficiently than a traditional bucket and mop because the steam simultaneously cleans and disinfects your floors. Steam mops are the perfect way to clean tile, stone or other hard surface floors. A word of warning though – don’t use them on timber floors. Steam can warp and damage your beautiful timber flooring, so stick to vacuuming, sweeping and a damp mop or cloth to clean these. You can also buy special timber wash to use with a traditional mop and bucket method.

Dirty carpets?

Carpets can be great floor coverings – lush, thick and warm and great to pad around barefoot on during winter. But they get dirty very quickly, and once they’re stained it can be difficult to get them clean.

It’s best to vacuum your carpet regularly, to keep them clean and to keep the level of dust in your home at a controllable amount. Good air quality is good for your health and wellbeing.

Different stains require different approaches, so check out this helpful resource.

If you find your carpets in need of some serious treatment, then a deep steam clean is best. You can go about this a few different ways. The first is to hire a steam cleaner from a supermarket or a hardware store. This will set you back a few bucks but is cheaper than hiring a professional. The rub is that you’ve got to operate it yourself. The other option is to just hire a company to steam clean your carpet, which will cost more but will probably ensure a top job.

Shoes off!

One way of keeping your floor dirt-free, and extending their lifespan, is to instigate a shoes off rule. This means that before you enter, or before your guests enter, everyone must remove their shoes. If you have a covered porch or veranda, perfect, the shoes can stay there. If not, consider purchasing a shoe cupboard so people have a place to leave their footwear when they come inside.

This conclusion will floor you

One way to keep tile and stone floors clean and tidy is with a good quality steam mop. For timber floors stick to vacuums, brooms, damp cloths and mops. If you have carpet in your home make sure to vacuum regularly and consider deep steam clean once every year or so. You can either hire a steam cleaner or hire a company to do this for you.

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