What Is Flower Matting and Do You Need It


There are several different ways to create a fence around your property, but the type of fence you choose depends on your priorities. Some people just want to keep pests out of their yard, while others want a fence that frames the house and looks nice. Others want a fence that gives them some privacy from their neighbours. Finally, many people want some combination of all three of those things. A hedge offers you a lot of those things at a very low cost. A hedge row is great but they require a long time to plan, plant, and grow. They are also somewhat unreliable if you don’t have a green thumb. Flower matting is a better option for many people.

Flower Matting

Put simply, flower matting is the practice of encouraging flowers to grow over a fence.

You can have a hedge row installed almost instantly. It will offer you privacy, security, and beauty.

Privacy, Security, and Beauty

The ivy that grows along your new hedge will offer you privacy because it will block out most people’s view of your yard. You’ll have security because it will be a sturdy fence as the base of the flowers. Finally, it will look great because it is made of flowers. A fence of flowers will also smell nice and provide some sustenance for the beleaguered bees in the UK.

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