3 Advantages of Having Drapes Installed on Your Windows


While some people are content to leave their windows bare, there are those who see their windows as a blank canvas upon which they can exercise their creativity. From color and pattern to length and texture, they spare no detail when finding the perfect curtains or drapes for their home.

Some people make use of inspiration boards and cloth swatches, while others even sketch their own designs. Others simply look for the best drapes online from trusted suppliers who create ready-made and customized draperies that can cater to their requirements, whether they are looking for something practical or just a little more whimsical.

But beyond the aesthetic impact of a carefully chosen window treatment, there’s more to a drape than just being a hanging feature on your window. Here are some of their advantages that are worth considering.


This is one of the most obvious advantages of installing drapes. Compared to curtains, which usually use light or sheer fabrics, drapes are typically heavier and more solid, giving a room’s occupants more privacy. This is especially advantageous if you live in a neighborhood where houses or residential units are built quite close together.

Windows in bedrooms and living rooms are ideal candidates for installing drapes, as these are places where more private or intimate moments happen. However, if you so choose, you can have all windows in your entire home fitted with drapes as well. Different customization options— such as double layers to accommodate a sheer curtain when you pull back the drapes—can be applied depending on the room.

Light, Noise, and Temperature Control

Don’t you just love sleeping in during the weekends, when you have more time to laze around? Due to the thick materials used in many drapes, you’ll be able to stop the light from pouring in to your bedroom, which very useful especially during the summers when the sun rises just a bit earlier than usual. You can also use drapes in your media room or home office. As the glare from the sunlight can prevent you from seeing the TV or computer screen too well, installing drapes can be a quick solution for this.

The thickness of the fabric can also serve as a buffer against background noise. Just imagine living in an apartment unit close to the road or the train tracks, where you can hear every rumble of passing trains and vehicles. Adding drapes to your outward-facing windows can muffle these noises, or even block them out completely.

Meanwhile, drapes can also help maintain or control temperature within a room. Installing drapes can help keep the temperature in the room—whether cold or warm—more stable for longer.

Ambiance Setting

If you need to create a more formal look for a room, then drapes are definitely your best option in dressing up your windows. Nevertheless, with the right colors, texture, and design, drapes can also be used to set different moods in a room—whether you’re going for romantic, warm, cozy, intimate, and yes, even relaxed and lighthearted. For example, matching your drapes to the color of your wall creates a muted and casual effect. A direct contrast, meanwhile, will evoke a more dramatic or even energetic feel.

Drapes are more than just pieces of cloth that you hang on your windows. They’re both functional and fashionable and can give your living space a quick makeover if you choose the right colors, lengths, or types of fabric. In fact, if you work with all the right elements, hanging drapes might be the only thing you need to transform your space from simple to spectacular.

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