Exceptional hardwood flooring in London


For the best hardwood flooring options in London, search no further, you’ve arrived at the right destination for quality product and top notch service. Wood floor restoration is also available at a bargain price. There’s nothing quite like breathing new life into old flooring, it’s about that time to restore that beautiful gloss and shine. Everybody nowadays is moving on fromt the standard carpeting.  Bringing wood into your home immediately changes the entire ambiance.  You are inviting nature inside your home with top quality hardwood flooring in London.  Consider BSI flooring for exceptional wood floor restoration.

Some people are surprised at the wide range of options available with wood floor restoration. There are so many ways to add more shine to your existing floors. The innovation in wood flooring continues to surge full speed ahead. Every year you will find amazing wood flooring options that will inspire you to try something new at home.  When it comes to hardwood flooring in London, it’s important for you to understand several basics. Depending on your budget, it will affect the quality of materials and overall features.  Price is of course a vital differentiator for selecting hardwood or some Laminate flooring, parquet or parqueton.  Here are some advantages and disadvantages of hardwood and synthetic floors. Essentially the important distinction between them is the nature of the material is natural wood parquet and laminate is synthetic, but there are many types of parquet, wood with different level of thickness and positioning systems.


Laminate flooring has become very popular over the years, and for good reason, you can get top quality at a real discount. It consists of several layers, the last of which the wear layer is formed by a synthetic compound usually melamine at high pressure, which is printed a pattern imitating wood or other materials. Check out a wide selection of different styles, shapes, colors and textures available in laminate flooring. Furthermore there are imitations of natural wood, and stone or ceramic. The total thickness of the piece is usually between 7 and 12 mm. It is simple to install, easy to maintain and, above all, the overall price factor is very pleasing to your bank balance indeed. The economy has been tough for many years, however if you’ve been delaying home renovation, now is the perfect time to get awesome deals. Get a great bargain on hardwood flooring in London today.

Another advantage of laminate flooring is that depending on your qualification is valid for specific locations, the “overlay” or top layer is conferred resistance, below it the film is placed with the stamped image and base MDF, category AC 1 to 5 and an AC2 series of low resistance and very light traffic while BC 5 could be for a bath or a place with high traffic, that does not mean it can be wet all day but rather resist moisture. For  experienced service in top quality wood floor restoration and hard wood flooring in London, check out BSI flooring today.

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