Who doesn’t want the cleanest home ever? Everyone wants that right! And the only thing that can help you with this is the Air Duct Cleaning of your home. Although there are many reasons for doing so like when the air ducts are clean, the heating system of your home can lasts longer. Nonetheless we often dust very less, but we always want a cleaner air. And this can be welcome improvement for those who have the problem of allergies. In fact the main focus behind home air duct cleaning is to maintain the quality of air in your home. This process also helps to increase your energy savings though.

However to get you out of trouble here we bring a list of most important and basic home air duct cleaning tips from our popular Duct Cleaning Companies to give your house cleaning efforts a nice jumpstart. Since there can be plenty of tips but here the most unique tips from the very best cleaning companies that will for sure help you. Now let’s run these tips down.

  1. First most important tip to consider is to make these important things available before start of cleaning. These include (a vacuum most likely the heavy-duty, furnace filter, brush, screwdriver or Hex driver and the paper towels). Make sure to have these because you are going to be in need of them.
  2. Other important tip is cover your supply registers. And you can it with paper towels by covering up all supply air registers. Why because you need to do this to keep dust away and covered from drifting into your rooms during this work. There is no rocket science in that, simply wrap the paper towel over the register top and put it back on its place.
  3. This is the most important tip, accessing those min ducts areas where you cannot reach easily because these are the area which contains most of the dirt and dust as they are pretty hard to clean, so if you have a rectangle ducts remove its end caps and also clean all inside the basement registers as well.
  4. Please don’t forget to check the filter as you have to make sure that your old furnace filter must be in its place, because when you know loose the dust it could be pulled back into the motor of fan.
  5. For a proper cleaning of air ducts, one should clean of all registers, interior of ventilation system, a deep clean inside the ducting, and the interior of the heating system too. These are main components must need to be cleaned.
  6. Another tip to consider is loosen the ducts’ dust. This will eventually help you to break up any deposits of dirt and dust that possibly might have stuck inside the ducts.
  7. After removing all the dust from registers and filter, it’s time to blower the lower compartment and return some air boot. This is the area where most of your dust is. So just reach lower compartment clean it along with the furnace fan as well.
  8. Try to replace your furnace filter. Because a new filter will definitely reduce the major chunk of dust from your home.

Lastly keep in mind that you don’t need to stick around only these tips, there can be numerous other tricks as well. However always monitor hvac system and ensure that you do regularly check and replace your air filters, this will automatically reduce the level of dust production in your home.

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