7 Tips and Tricks to Ensure a Perfect Paint Job


If you ask any house contractor which is the most difficult home improvement job and the only answer you going to get is a perfect paint task. But it takes time to do the perfect job as there is no such substitute of learning the right job and it is hard to deny this so called truth that things look too easy if can be done poorly. So is it good to hire an expert to do this job for you if you can afford one. However most people love to take this challenging task on themselves and in order to do it in a right manner it is always good to have some tips. Therefore to help you in the best possible way here are the top 7 tips and tricks from the best house painting contractors made available to you to guide in making this tough job a bit easier without even costing a single penny. Let’s just have a quick look at these best tips and tricks;

  1. First and foremost thing to do before any paint job is to do a deep inspection and proper preparation to remove any dust and if there is any area that’s cracking and peeling off should be scraped and filled immediately and sanded perfectly to ensure a perfect paint everywhere, and then rinse the surface thoroughly before you apply new paint/primer, if you don’t follow this first tip then you will end up getting nothing but only waste your lose money and time.
  2. Now the next important tip is wait for a perfect and dry weather because if it’s a rainy day or there is humidity then it may cause a trouble as the paint dries slowly and drips if weather is humid.
  3. It is better to have a sound knowledge about your texture, since to apply thicker nap that can fill the crevices you need to apply more texture on the walls, but make sure not to make it too thick if that happens then you will end up getting an unwanted paint, so discuss in details with salesman what you are actually painting.
  4. Another important thing to consider is go for premium tools and products, be it a brush, roller cover or painter’s tape because these high quality products will give you the best coverage and a perfect paint look. So in future you can save your money as well as time rather on reapplication process again and again.
  5. To avoid incurring any further expenses protect everything like floor, furniture or any personal belonging you don’t want to paint and use painter’s tape efficiently—mainly to protect everything, this will also guide you for cutting in ceilings and walls.
  6. Other most important tip you must not forget while painting any surface is use the brush or roller from top to bottom because with that you can cover all drips on all wall while painting the ceiling not only this but it will protect your back from hurting as all need to do here is just slide the roller downward lightly.
  7. Last but not the least always use the layoff strategy, means paint your wall/surface in vertical or horizontal direction throughout the whole length then the last strip which is called a layoff will make the even layer of paint across whole surface.

Well there are certainly more tips and tricks but these are the most important and basic ones that everyone must need to know before going for a perfect paint like pro.

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