Discover the benefits of installing seagrass carpets in your interior spaces


If you have decided to give a natural look to your inner living space of your domestic residence or business office, then you can surely opt for the environment friendly products.  You will win the favor of your guests, especially if they are environmentalists, who regularly raise the slogan of using products made from plants or converting every space in the residence with green products. Gone are the days when there was a huge demand for the synthetic carpets and the fall in the popularity of synthetic or nylon elements have influenced carpets weavers too. The synthetic carpets have been incomparable to the carpets or the rugs made from sheep’s wool and the hair of goat in terms of quality of appearance as well as performance. Through several centuries, there has been immense craze for such beautiful crafts which were initiated by the sheep herders of the Middle East Asia. Such art saw its journey across Europe and other continents. But, only the rich and the royal could access such decorative pieces.

A huge breakthrough has occurred in the process of weaving carpets by replacing the animal fibers or the synthetic fibers with various types of plant fibers. Carpets made from the animal fibers have been inaccessible to the ordinary or middle income group and at the same time, it has also been observed that synthetic carpets do not last for long run and wear out quickly. Carpet weavers in the contemporary period have become quite innovative in weaving their carpets or their rugs from the plant fibers. It may be either sisal, jute, coir or sea grass. The demand for natural fibers for weaving carpets or rugs have inspired the cultivation of crops which have been recognized as the one of the current cash crops. Floorspace Seagrass Carpets have earned the status of a high quality carpet because they have been woven from the best sea grass imported from the coastal regions of different countries around the world.  The process of seagrass carpets begins once the sea grass is harvested, dried out and then woven in to squares and then later tied together through stitching.

Floorspace facilitates installation and cleaning tips without charging anything extra.  When you purchase your seagrass carpet from Floorspace, you need to provide a particular date for the installation. Because, you may require some time to clear the area before installation. You can buy their seagrass carpets in s customized form at an affordable cost online or personally visiting the store. You will be also offered with a replacement or a refund if the products delivered to you arrive damaged. However, Floorspace would not be responsible for the damage by you, even accidentally, after the delivery and installation within the twelve months of guarantee.

Seagrass Carpets

There are indeed certain valid points to remember while making a purchase of seagrass carpets. Such points are highlighted as follows:

  1. Seagrass carpet is seen as the ideal decoration piece at home which recreates the natural look seen in the external environment. A feeling of going back to nature is felt on seeing this natural carpet which is available in several designs and patterns.
  2. Perfect solution for the people who always have large families or often entertain a huge number of visitors. Therefore, seagrass carpets would be suitable in the hall areas people crowd in huge numbers for different shows or events because seagrass carpets act as a sound insulator.
  3. Seagrass carpets protect you from the outside weather conditions like extreme cold or heat because they are excellent at absorbing heat or cold.
  4. Seagrass carpets does not get soiled easily and therefore easily maintained with occasional dry cleaning.
  5. On hygienic grounds, it is safe to install the seagrass carpets in the interior area where family members may be prone to asthma or other dust allergens.
  6. It is advisable to keep the seagrass carpets away from the harsh sun rays and moisture, otherwise the brightness of the color of the design and fiber would get damaged.
  7. Lastly, the appreciating fact associated with the seagrass carpets is that unlike synthetic carpets, these natural carpets do not produce the static electricity to affect the sensitive family members who maybe either kids or senior citizens.

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