Create the Layout You Want With Modular Furniture


A business’ needs can change on a regular basis, and whether your hotel is undergoing refurbishment, you are planning a special one-off event, or you are expanding, you may find that your furniture needs also change. Typically, this means disposing of old furniture and buying a new set, which can prove costly, especially if there is nothing wrong with the furniture you have. For one-off requirements especially, it is difficult to justify the purchase of new furniture, but this is where modular furniture can prove most beneficial.

Modular furniture functions in the same way as any contract furniture. It is designed for practicality and comfort, and also to ensure that your lobby or reception area looks inviting to guests and potential clients. As well as being used in the main reception, for guests to sit on while they wait for their room or wait for any other reason, it can also be used in other communal sections of your hotel or guest house. Hallways, restaurants, bars, and seating areas can all be furnished with the same style of furniture, providing a uniform look from comfortable and functional items of furniture.

However, there are differences between standard furniture and modular items. Modular furniture is sold in individual seating units, with middle, corner, and end units available. Rather than being forced to buy the size of two-seater or three-seater that a retailer sells, you can create your own design. You can have banks of sofas lining the reception area, and you can even buy additional items like futons and footrests, should your design require these items.


What’s more, the flexibility of modular furniture is such that you don’t have to buy all matching items. If your hotel branding utilises green and yellow colours, then you can buy green and yellow seating units and combine them. Similarly, you can mix and match any colours to furnish your reception and other communal areas with what will basically equate to customised and branded lobby furniture.

Once your modular furniture is in place, your guests can use it in the same way they would use any furniture. By buying modular furniture that is designed for this kind of use, you can be sure that it is made from durable and long-lasting materials too. Hotel lobbies see a lot of traffic, and especially during winter months, your guests may sit down with wet and tough clothing. With standard furniture, this can quickly take its toll, but not only has modular furniture been designed to last, but if a single seating unit does become damaged, you only need replace the one unit, rather than the whole set.

Furniture can be shifted around, too. If you are having a wedding reception, or you are hosting an industry or enterprise event, you can move the furniture so that it more closely matches the requirements of the event and guests, and once the event is completed, you can simply move the pieces of furniture back to their original position. There’s no need to buy additional furniture, or invest in occasional furniture, and you can still provide for all of your clients and visitors.

Modulus Seating provides a large catalogue of modular furniture, ideal for furnishing the lobby, reception, and other communal areas of hotels and guest houses. Enjoy flexibility and other benefits from your next modular seating set.

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