A Few Tips to Decorate Your New Home in Kolkata


Congrats! So, when are you guys moving in? Are you done with all the shopping for your new home?”

Thanks, dear. Yup! I am done with the shopping. Do drop in a week and see how beautifully I have decorated our new house!”

“Sure dear! Looking forward to it!”

It was my best friend Arti and she was congratulating me over the phone for my new home. Although it is just a 2 BHK flat in Rajarhat, Kolkata, both my husband and I have been dreaming about this since a very long time! We searched through almost all the realty projects in and around Rajarhat and finally booked this one. However, after getting the handover of our flat, it was now time for us to decide upon the interiors. I, being an interior designer, was the one responsible to choose the entire decor for our new home. However, this time, I made sure that I avoided the usual blunders.

This time, I ensured that I:

Measure Everything Properly Before Hitting the Market

Believe it or not, this is important! Last time, I shopped frantically and the home looked cluttered! So, after moving into this new home, I measured everything. I also drew a plan about the placement of the furniture and made sure that there is enough space to move around so that the rooms don’t look messy!

Also, I promised myself to:

Avoid Buying Stuff in Sets

This is one of the most common mistakes which most of the homeowners make after moving into their new homes. There were times when they approached me to take care of such blunders! And hence, when it was time for me to move into our new home, I promised myself to avoid buying stuff in sets! The matching sets of dishes, similar kitchen furniture, utensils of the same colour, etc., ends up making a home look more like a furniture and decor showroom!

I even researched well and:

Shopped for the Paints Carefully

I was very fond of intensive and out-of-the-box colours for the walls. However, when I thought about the fact that I would have to see those on my walls daily, I gave my liking a second thought! So, I went for a much detailed colour palette. For my living room, which is a bit bigger, I chose a darker shade. And for the bedrooms, which are a bit smaller, I went for the lighter and warmer shades.

Finally, I succeeded in the task of decorating our new abode in the best possible way.

  • The furniture is placed in the right way and has accentuated the beauty of our new home!
  • The upholsteries, kitchen utensils, crockery sets, etc., look wonderful and are totally in sync with the decor.
  • The wall paints look amazing! And I got appreciated by everyone who visited us till now.

So, now you know what all things you need to keep in mind in order to make your home look beautiful, isn’t it? Just remember that a bit of research, some homework and proper planning is what you need to make your new abode the most remarkable one to live in as well as to look at!

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