How to create more space in your garage without renovating


Your garage is as much as space for storage as it is a place to park your car, and it can be a challenge to make good use of that space.

Start looking into overhead garage storage as one option to increase capacity, and a few other tips may help you make the most of your garage.


The first step to improving your garage storage is to be honest about what you need and what you don’t. A hedge-trimmer doesn’t need to be kept since you replaced your hedge with a fence, or what about that bike your child grew out of last summer? Take an honest assessment of your stuff and see what can go. Obviously, the less stuff you have, the easier it is to find space for it. Either donate your old things to a second-hand shop, or maybe make a little money by having a garage sale.

Use the Walls

By this we mean take advantage of empty wall space where you can’t fit any additional shelving. Hooks and hanging racks can get things off the floor, and make use of areas that would go unused. Even large items like the lawn mower or a bicycle can be hung up if the rack is sturdy enough.

You can take a similar tactic to use the space on the back of the door (the door leading into the house, not the roll-up door for the car). An over-the-door storage panel can be very handy, or even just add a few hooks to hang things on.

Look Up

Floor space is only one option, and people often forget to look higher for storage areas in a garage. Building a loft-style storage area is one option, but that will involve a sizable amount of renovation and construction. An easier choice is to purchase an overhead storage unit instead. In particular, a unit that sits above the nose of your car makes use of otherwise wasted space.

Using high storage space is very efficient but it’s not always the easiest space to access on a daily basis. Make sure you keep a ladder around if necessary, and plan to keep seldom used (perhaps seasonal) items up there.

Make Things Movable

When you have large items in a garage, they block movement and prevent access. A work bench, a large table saw or other big tools are some typical examples. Add wheels so that you can shift things around when you need to, which will free up space and make for handier access to things. The surface of your work bench could even be built with hinges, so it can be folded down against the wall when you’re not using it.


This doesn’t really make more space, but it helps you waste less of what space  you do have. Don’t store half-empty boxes any more than necessary. It may be tempting to maintain several boxes just to keep things organized, but you will save on space if you pack unrelated things together so your boxes are filled. Add clear detailed labels to help keep track of where things are.


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