A Complete Vacuum Cleaner Package – Shark Rocket HV 382


The vacuum cleaner has now become an indispensable everyday object for most people. Whether you want to remove the crumbs from the carpet floor, the hair of the beloved pet from the sofa or the unsightly spider webs from the corners after breakfast, with a vacuum cleaner these household tasks are done in no time. Shark Rocket HV 382 is the right vacuum cleaner for every application. With a wet cleaner, you can absorb more than just dust because these small household helpers also absorb liquids without residue. If you do not want to vacuum yourself in the future, and you would like to hand it over to someone else, then we recommend buying a suction robot. These intelligent vacuum cleaners suck your living rooms completely independently and surprise you with a clean apartment in the evening. The suction robot recognizes every obstacle and automatically returns to the charging station after the work has been done.

Shark Rocket HV 382 a really small power pack. The first thing you will notice is that it is super great and securely packaged. The vacuum cleaner itself comes with 4 attachments.

1 x floor nozzle

1 x crevice nozzle (for narrow crevices)

1 x Upholstery attachment (for couch or sensitive surfaces)

1 x motorized hand attachment (animal hair nozzle)

The assembly is a real children’s game and can be made intuitive. Of course, in the instructions for use, the exact steps are also included. As for maintenance, etc.

The cable can be attached super well on the side and is really super nice long, so you do not have to constantly change the cable, with the dust suction.

– The crevice nozzle really frees any cracks from dust and dirt.

– The upholstery attachment cleans the pads very well, but a little more power would be great. So you just have to go over it.

– The floor nozzle has LED lights which make the dirt very visible. It can also be brighter, but my current vacuum cleaner has such an addition, not at all and therefore I find it already very ingenious. Under the attachment, there are 2 rolls which can be specially controlled for the special cleaning of carpet/upholstery or tiles, laminate etc. On the handle is the possibility of program 1 carpet and program 2 laminate, tiles etc. The attachment is very articulated and drives really light foot through the area.

– The hand attachment is the counterpart to the floor nozzle but simple for manual operation. Also very practical for the couch, curtains or anywhere where there is animal hair.

The container has a fairly large capacity and had to be cleaned so far, with daily use. Of course, you can also clean it daily. All filters and attachments can be cleaned or replaced very simply.

Shark Rocket HV382 vacuum cleaner is more than successful do not find it too heavy; it is well in the hand and has really a tremendous suction power. I do not want to miss him anymore and am glad to finally have a great vacuum cleaner in the house.


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