Cost Effective Swimming Pool Solutions for the UK Homeowner


For many years, owning a swimming pool was regarded as a status symbol, and due to the very high cost of building the pool, one might need to take out a second mortgage in order to afford such a major improvement. When you consider just what is involved in building a traditional swimming pool, what with the initial excavation and the ground preparation, it is no surprise to learn that it is a very costly home improvement, and for some people, it is a little beyond their means.

Above Ground Swimming Pools

The latest generation of above ground pools allow the homeowner to have a cost effective solution that is a fraction of the cost of a traditional pool, and with easy assembly and dismantling, you can have the best of both worlds. Not only that, the online supplier stocks great value swimming pool supplies, and at lower than retail prices, there are many bargains to be had. Once you have selected the ideal sized above ground pool, you can browse the many accessories that you might also need.

Easy Assembly

You might think it is a major job to assemble the above ground pool, yet in fact, it takes less than an hour to assemble or dismantle the unit, and while some people refer to leave the pool out all year round, it is a better idea to safely store the pool during the winter months, perhaps in the shed or garage. There are both summer and winter pool covers, which will ensure the water does not become contaminated with leaves and other debris. If you plan on storing the pool during the winter months, you will only need a summer pool cover, but if you prefer to leave the pool where it is all year round, you will also need a winter cover.

Pool Accessories

Aside from the pool itself, there are many accessories you might need. Non-slip pool surround tiles ensure that there is a safe area for bathers to move around, and they also protect your lawn, should you decide to have the pool on a grassed area. Pumps and filters are also required, and the great thing about an online supplier is you can source everything you need from a single provider, and with a secure online payment, the goods will be despatched to your home address. Chemicals are also available, which ensures that the water is always clean and contaminant free, and if you are unsure about what you need, the online supplier would be happy to advise you on all aspects of pool maintenance.

The emergence of above ground pool technology allows the homeowner to experience the luxury of having your very own pool at home at a very affordable price, and all the accessories you might need can also be sourced from the same company. If you would like to know more about above ground swimming pools, all it takes is an online search to put you in touch with the right supplier.

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