Cost-Effective Insulation for the Home


British summers are all too brief, and the rest of the year sees us combating the cold. Heating a home is not cheap, and with a high percentage of that heat being lost through the roof and the windows, it makes sense to insulate where possible. There are several ways a homeowner can effectively reduce the amount of heat loss, while also providing a more comfortable temperature for the occupants.

Roof insulation

Hot air rises, so the roof is the first place to insulate. The loft should be insulated with mineral wool, by laying rolls of the material between the rafters. Mineral wool is easy to cut, which means you can cover every square foot effectively, and this will make a considerable difference to your heating bills.


With the roof insulated, the next thing to look at are the windows, where you can expect to lose up to 65% of the heat. Of course, you could replace all the windows and doors with UPVC units, if you want to make a considerable investment, and if the timber frames are falling apart, then one has little choice. If your window frames are sound, the most economical way is to install secondary glazing, which gives all of the benefits of replacement windows, at a fraction of the cost.

Draught-proof the doors

Another heat loss area, doors should have draught excluders fitted, as most external doors are ill-fitting and this is a major source of heat loss. If there are any glass surfaces, a secondary unit can be flat-fixed to give further thermal insulation.

Custom made

Secondary glazed units are made to measure, and they can be fitted in the window reveal (reveal fixed) or directly over the window (flat fixed), depending on the style. For optimum sound and thermal insulation, the secondary glass should be between 100-200mm from the existing glass, and with a choice of aluminium or UPVC frames, they will complement any room.

The glass

Glass comes in a range of thicknesses, and with modern technology, specially formulated glass provides the optimum thermal insulation, and if you live in a high noise area, thicker glass can significantly reduce outside noise.

A professional service

There are companies that manufacture and install secondary glazing, and if you are thinking of insulating your home, make sure you contact an established company, one that has experience in domestic properties. If you live in the UK, Granada aluminium secondary glazing will give you optimum performance without losing the aesthetic value of your home, and with a range of openings, there is something for all types of windows.

The installation

This would be carried out by a team of qualified technicians, with most projects completed in a day. A surveyor would first take accurate measurements for manufacturing, and with expert advice, the right combination will give optimum results.

In a cold climate, insulating the home is essential, and with energy conservation a high priority, it makes sense to do what you can to reduce heat loss in your home.

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