Moving or Relocating? A Few Packing Tips for a Storage Facility


If you are considering relocating to a different city or region, moving with your entire family and taking all your house belongings with you, the headaches can really multiply.

There is no need to get nervous when thinking about packing up your things to store them for a while in a facility for removals and storage in Cheshire, until the moving process is complete. Packing might take a little time, but the extra time you spend wrapping your things to store them ensures that when you get them out of storage later, they will be unbroken and unharmed.


Plan Your Packing Process Thoroughly

 Take an inventory of everything you need or want to store. You may or may not choose to write it down, but writing it down ensures you will not forget anything when you get ready to pack. Group all the items you know you will want to be able to access often in your storage unit together. These are items that you will probably want to pack last and have in the front of your storage unit.

Next, group similar items together, as they are easier to find that way. Searching for one Y in a box of X’s can be difficult. Separate each group of things into the number you think will fit in a box.

Head off to the office supply store and get the biggest roll of bubble wrap you can find. While you are at the office supply store, get one of the hand-held shipping tape dispensers, it will come in handy.

Pack the Things You Want to Keep in Store

Now all that is left is to use copious amounts of bubble wrap to protect all your valuables, so they do not get broken in transit. Bubble wrap is a much better wrapping material than newspaper, because it has no ink to fade onto your things in the heat of your storage unit. It also does not flatten as you pack things together like newspaper does. Here’s hoping these handy tips make your move easy. Be sure to make a list of everything you pack in each box so you can find it all later.

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