Common Roofing Problems


Since roofing is a very crucial part of your home, it is important to keep an eye on red flags to overcome the problems before they get severe. There are many problems which take their toll on your roofing. For instance, missing shingles, fluctuation in indoor temperature, and water stains are quite common ones. Most of the homeowners would be dealing with at least one of these problems right now.

So, here is a guide for all of you to make sure that you deal with these problems in a very pragmatic way.

  • Missing Shingles

Missing shingles can be detected from the dark and patchy areas of your roof. It can happen because of many reasons like animals running up and down your roof, or the heavy winds might take shingles away with them, or maybe because of the damaged strip of the sealer. Shingles are sealed at their places with the use of specific fixtures which are kept their underside. When these fixtures become brittle and old, the strips start wearing out and the shingles get loose.

You can fix such problems either on your own or by calling a professional for help who will detect the signs of missing shingles and replace it with some similar material.

  • Excessive Particles in Downspouts

When your roof is newly installed, the particles in your gutter and downspouts are not the causes of concern. These loose particles can’t harm the downspouts. But when the roof gets older, the presence of these particles in the downspouts is a sign that your shingles might be deteriorating. These particles are supposed to protect your roof shingles from UV rays. So when they start falling off into downspouts, it shows that shingles are getting old and brittle. Moreover, they can clog the gutters and stop the flow of water.

It is recommended to hire reliable roofers Oakland county Michigan, who would have a comparatively deep insight into the underlying issues.

  • Water Spots In Your Home Interior

It is also a very common problem which homeowners don’t realize unless and until it becomes really obvious. It may happen because of the roof leaks, which end up damaging the whole interiors and structure of the home. The source of the leak can be different for different types of homes. If you fail in detecting the real source of water damage, the water would start traveling along your roof panels and dripping onto the insulation. It will further complicate the problem and leave water spots on your roof.

However, if you see water spots on your interior, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have roof leaks. There might be some other underlying problems which need to be detected before it gets late. For that, you can call a professional team of roofers for the roof inspection. They would better know how to detect the cause by using their skills and tactics.

If you keep these problems in mind in the first place, it will become comparatively easier for you to handle them later.

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