The Comfort Calculator – A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Home Features for Your Lifestyle


 If you’re planning to take on a house build, you’re probably quite an ambitious person. Constructing a home from scratch is no easy feat and definitely not for the faint-hearted. It takes an enormous amount of work and a lot of skill when it comes to budgeting and scheduling. However, the biggest challenges might not be what you expect.

The freedom of a rebuild is a big part of the reason it’s such an appealing process. Yet, having too much choice can be just as stifling as it is inspiring. Custom homes offer endless possibilities, from the floorplan to the interiors. It can be tougher than you think to make confident decisions key features.

This article explores some of the questions you should ask when planning a knock down rebuild in Sydney or a neighbouring city.

Think about the Future

If you’re going to invest large amounts of time and money on a custom build, it should be scalable. This means thinking about how your needs might change over time. Children are the biggest development for most people, so leave plenty of room for extra members of the family.

If you can afford it, having spare rooms is always a good idea. They double up as home offices, sleeping quarters for guests, or spaces for elderly relatives. As the family grows, you may end up needing two bathrooms or a downstairs room that can be converted into a sleep space.

Focus on the Big Bits

Adding extra rooms or inserting features you don’t need right now can feel unwise, particularly if your budget is tight. However, these are the details that cannot be easily changed once the house is built. If you alter them after the fact, they’re going to cost a lot more.

This is why home builders advise families to invest more in structure and basic design. You can buy budget counters, and fire surrounds now and upgrade them later. It’s much harder to do the same thing with the layout. Put your money in permanence.

Commit to What You Know

One way to narrow the list of possibilities down is to bring together all of your concrete ideas. In three columns, write down the features you’re not willing to be without, the features you’d like but can live without, and the features you absolutely want to avoid.

This will help give you a start and provide some direction to the design team. Take a walk around your current home. Think about the details that don’t feel as perfect as they should. Do you wish you had a bigger bathroom? Would you like a secure, private garage for the family vehicle?

Try to Find Closure

One of the hardest parts of the design process is standing back and feeling satisfied with what you’ve got. There will always be bits and pieces you want to change. At some point though, the real work has to start so your dream can become a reality.

Often, changes can be made while construction is ongoing, but try to keep these to a minimum. The more you add, the longer the project will take to finish and the more it will cost. To stay on budget, you may need to compromise or change another feature.

The Unique Beauty of Building a House

Knockdown rebuild projects require a great deal of passion, commitment, and determination. It may be a long time before you see your ideas come to fruition, so it helps to have a clear vision in mind. It can be a stressful experience at times. However, with the support of good design and construction teams, any hiccups will be solved quickly.

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