5 Roofing Tips to Prevent Roof Leaks


Once the roofing on a residential or a commercial building is done, the job of looking after the roof is not over. It is absolutely imperative to have a routine check up on the roof every now and then to ensure that there is no sign of a roofing leak or any other kind of roof issue. In this way, one can tackle the problem before it cokes bigger and magnitude and severity.

There are quite a few tips to avoid roof leaks to save yourself from later trouble and disappointment.

  1. Trimming the Branches:

If there are any tress around the house which have branches hovering over the roof, it is important to trim those particular branches. The tree branches tend to have abrasive effect on the roof tops, damaging the material and subsequently leading to roof leaks that can become quite a nuisance for the residents of the building. Get the branches trimmed every now and them, every time they grow long enough to scratch against the roof top.

  • Clear away the Gutters:

The gutters also play an important role in the maintenance of the roof top. Sometimes, the gutters get clogged due to the presence of excessive debris and leaves on it. These leaves and debris are brought through the wind and they accumulate on the gutters diverting the flow of water. To prevent leaks from this, it is important to clean the gutters three to four months or every second month if you live in a stormy area.

  1. Getting Ventilation:

Ventilation is a must in houses that have an attic. Along with that, insulation of the house is also very important. These things will keep the house airy yet warm while ensuring that there are no leaks in the roof.

  1. Deal With the Missing Shingles:

Over time, the shingles on the roof come loose or are lost. You must be aware of when this happens so that countering actions can be taken as soon as possible. Patches of different colours on the roof is a sign of missing shingles. Sometimes, the shingles may get cracked or even get loose which can cause roof leaks in the building. It is important to repair these kinds of shingles and replace then if the need be.

  1. Get Rid of Hanging Gutters:

If the building has a hanging gutters, it is a sign of possible roof leaks in the future. The gutters are important to a Building since they prevent the accumulation of water on the roof. If they are not functioning properly, the water tends to move into the house. Many Roofers southeast Michigan give a few years warranty with their quote. So, if you have any loose gutter issues, you can always get them done by tour contractor. There are also easy ways to get this done on your own. If you have the right tools and a little know how on the subject, you can fix your own loose or hanging gutter.

All these issues need to be resolved to keep the roof in good shape and prevent any leaks.

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