Cleaning and Organizing Tips for Apartment Living


Living in an apartment comes with many perks. You don’t have to save up a large amount of money for a down payment, someone else is responsible for handling all the repairs, you don’t have to spend time on yardwork, and you have access to some amazing amenities. However, especially if your apartment home is on the smaller side, it is important to implement good cleaning and organizing habits. Following are a few simple tips to help get you started.

Implement the one-touch rule.

The one-touch rule follows the basic premise that you should process a task the first time you touch it. What exactly does this mean? Instead of getting your mail and throwing it on the kitchen counter, go ahead and sort through everything as soon as you get your mail in the apartment. Keep what you need, and throw the rest away. Another example can be demonstrated with your laundry. Instead of taking your clothes out of the dryer and throwing them in a pile on the floor, go ahead take the time to fold it all and put it away. This will save you from having to do twice the amount of work later.

Create a schedule, and stick to it.

Cleaning is not the most glamorous chore, but it must be done. To make sure it gets accomplished (at one point or another), create a schedule for yourself. You have several ways you can approach this. One method is to assign a different cleaning task to each day of the week – dust on Mondays, vacuum on Tuesdays, clean the bathroom on Wednesdays, etc. If that doesn’t work for you, decide on a day and time of the week that you are going to dedicate to cleaning, and stick to it.

Only buy what you need.

When you are working with a limited amount of space, you need to make smart purchasing decisions. For instance, this is probably not the time in your life where you need to start buying groceries and household supplies in bulk from places like BJ’s and Sam’s Club. You should also be aware of your clothing purchases as well. If your closet is already slam packed, take out some pieces to donate or consign before you head out for some retail therapy.

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