12 Best Ways to Clean a Window Air Conditioner without Removing


Clean a Window Air Conditioner without Removing: Are you very upset about the Clean a Window Air Conditioner without Removing.No worry there are very simple ways from which you can easily clean your conditioner.

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I am a home improvement analyst and I have read many comments about this topic. Then, it is our duty to help the community and provide the tips that will be very useful for people and they are really interested in this topic.

If you want to use air conditioner work properly then it is very necessary that you should have to clean it very every interval of time.

When the winter starts then cover up the air condition very safety. Therefore, to avoid rust. But when the summers start then it is necessary to clean it every month for good services.

Clean a Window Air Conditioner without Removing

Steps that Should Follow for Cleaning:

There are following steps that you should have to follow. These are very easy steps.

Checking the Fungus:

Although air condition throw cold air and you should check that fungus is present or not on the conditioner. If fungus is present then you have to change it very immediately. Otherwise, notice more cleaning steps that are given below.

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Spray bottle:

Take a bottle and fill it with hydrogen peroxide, it also contains 4% in the bottle if you purchase it from the outside store. If you are unaware about the cleaning then it recommended that not to use any things described below.

  1. Alcohol is very dangerous for cleaning and it can burn the conditioner because it contains a lot of flaming material. So, please don’t use this type of toxic or flaming material.
  2. While cleaning, take off the material from your children.
  3. Although, like alcohol the other thing is bleach. Don’t use the bleach powder and its material because is toxic material and damage the units, chips and other sensitive material.
  4. When starting the spraying then is very necessary that turn off the unit of the air conditioner. Because it can become harmful to you.
  5.  Spray is very toxic material. So, you should have to avoid off your eyes and wounded areas.
  6. After using spray wash your hands very perfectly.
  7. The home analyst suggests that the best time of wash your conditioner is night because there is a lot of time to dry the unit of conditioner.

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Clean a Window Air Conditioner without Removing:

Deeper Clean:

If you have used this all techniques but it is not working then you should do some effort more for cleaning.

You have to remove the filter from the unit and spray inside the conditioner. This is the best way of cleaning. If you are spraying inside the conditioner then used the try because some of the drops will fall on the floor and carpet.

One of the best options is the turkey basting. Because turkey basting is easily opened everywhere. So, you should have to help with turkey basting.

Check Carefully about the Conditioner:

If you are ready for cleaning then please notice that your conditioner unit is properly off. It is very necessary to turn off the unit. and this is very simple way to Clean a Window Air Conditioner without Removing.

Cleaning the Filter Monthly:

Close the unit and attach the power cord before removing the front panel. The panel is safe with screw or tab in front of your air conditioner. Remove the panel, find the filter, and remove it from its slot.

Depending on your model, you will pull the filter up or slide down its slot. Check your manual for specific information about removing the front panel and filter.

Learn How to Run Water through the Filter:

Drag the filter under hot water running. It’s better to clean your filter at least once in the month. If you are living in a very dusting environment then you have to clean many times in a month.

Filter Dry then Put in Back in Place:

Shake it with a dry towel until it is completely dry. When it is dry, the panel has been changed in front of the front panel. Never run the air conditioner.

Replace a worn filter:

If your filter is worn or solid, then you should change it. If the filter is specifically designed for your unit, please identify it. If you have an air conditioner filter, you can buy it. Very easy way to Clean a Window Air Conditioner without removing it.

Air Conditioner Cleaning Seasonally:

Remove the unit. Make sure the unit is closed and it’s power off. Remove Fan Panel and its open section that connects the unit to the window. Remove all the screws which exit the entrance of the unit.

  1. Carefully slide away insects from the interior, and make sure that you can not depend on any part inside. Screws are small, so keep them in a safe place like an envelope or small.
  2. Aluminum pieces Use fan mill or soft brush to combine dust and debris from aluminum skins. You can find a cheap blanket for windows unit scratches or at home improvement stores. After wearing gloves, when you scratch clean, you will be able to stop cutting.
  3. Blow coils and fan with concert air. Buy Consumer-based online connections or at your home improvement store. Sprinkles in the front and back of the unit and sprinkle around. Wash the dust around the fan and the motor at the center of the unit.
  4. Wipe vacuum and tray. Use a shop holiday or vacuum hose to remove the debris from the tray or to remove the base of the unit inside. Sprinkle it with a domestic cleaner, clean it, then wipe it with a fine cloth. After drying the tray with a clean towel, it was dry for a few hours after using this unit again.
  5. Store your air conditioner in cool weather. When it is not in use, you should store your window unit internally. Remove it from the window and keep it in your water or dungeon. Cover it with a plastic sheet or tape to keep the dust and debris stored. If you can not remove air conditioner windows, the outer part of the unit is designed for a tarp or air conditioners.

Giving Your Unit a Deep Clean:

  1. Take this unit out and remove your case. Keep out the unit at a table out of reaching a hose. Take the front panel and part attached to the window. Remove the patch that can be attached to the unit, keeps it safe in a safe place and slowly slides. Choose a hot, sunny day to Clean a Window Air Conditioner without Removing.
  2. Templates and interior spray with cleaning solutions. Use air conditioner council cleaner or oxygen household cleaner. You can also mix hot water with a drop of dish detergent. Throw front panel, case, and window skins with cleaner. Then sprinkle inner canes, fans, aluminum skins, and internal grounds. Let the parts take up to about 10 minutes.
  3. Screw the unit and the case and sprinkle it if needed. Use a soft brush to slowly clear all parts sprayed with cleaning solutions. If you want to deal with the contaminated broom, as soon as fan blades, spray the areas again and take them for a few minutes. Then give you another clean brush with your blush brush.
  4. Use the hose to clay the case, edges, and tray. Set your hose to low pressure, because high-pressure chairs or aluminum skins can be damaged. Sprinkle out the external panel, template, and window fan. Then the coils, fans, and aluminum drain drained in the hose. Tilt the unit to base the base spray and drain. Avoid receiving control panels when you hose the unit.
  5. Dry it before restoring this unit. Leave your unit to dry in the sun for a few hours. You can dry the towel to accelerate the process. Wait as long as you completely dry the unit again.

If you are using these ways then you can easily Clean a Window Air Conditioner without Removing.

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