How To Choose The Right Types Of Flowers


There are countless reasons why people choose flowers to send to someone.  You want to express your love, say you are sorry, show sympathy, show gratitude, or just let someone know you care. Flowers speak many languages and express many feelings worldwide.  That said, if you want to send someone flowers, you need to know which flowers would be the most appropriate for a given occasion.

If you are sending flowers to someone you consider very special, a bouquet will be the envy of her friends or co-workers.  You are letting everyone know you really care about this person.

Thanks to the internet, it is so easy to get a floral arrangement or bouquet than it used to be.  There are so many floral websites offering a huge array of different types of flowers that are beautifully arranged and can even include a small gift, candy, or even an engagement ring!  You can order and pay for flowers online and ship them anywhere in the world!

That is not to say that ordering roses or lilies to send to a friend cannot be done at your local florist.  There’s still something very special about driving over to your local florist, picking out the perfect flowers for your arrangement and then paying for it. Also, if it’s for a family member, you just bring them home with you! The other upside to a local florist, you can talk with them to get some ideas if you are clueless what would be the best type of flowers for your occasion and what flowers work best in a mixed bouquet.  The disadvantage for purchasing online, you can see gorgeous pictures of arrangements but will you get what is pictured.  It’s really out of your hands.

Whether you purchase from a local florist or online, if your flowers are being shipped you will have to pay for the shipping as well as the cost.  If you live in Canada or the US, there are florists online that have specials going on at different times of the year.

Valentine’s Day is probably the most popular time when flowers are being delivered.  Sending flowers to a loved one or someone new and special in your life, couldn’t be easier and you can’t go wrong.  Without a doubt, Valentine’s Day usually spells roses!  Roses come in so many beautiful colors that your biggest question will be which color should you choose.  Does your mother, daughter, wife, or girlfriend like white, red, or yellow roses?

If you have a limited budget, you should look at Carnations!  These are absolutely gorgeous flowers that come in a number of colors.

Let’s say it’s your 10-year old daughters birthday.  Girls, in general, like the color pink.  There are so many beautiful pink flowers I doubt you could go wrong.  Maybe have a bouquet created for the occasion and add a little teddy bear or some of her favorite candies!

Keep in mind, the decision is yours but depending on the occasion it might be a good idea to talk with a florist before making your choice.  Whether long-stemmed roses or a bouquet of Carnations, someone is going to feel very special!

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