Cedar Siding: Creating a Touch of Elegance to Your Home


There is a wide range of siding materials to choose from. But if you are looking for ambiance for your home, then look no further. Cedar siding not only adds character and warmth but also natural beauty. It is more beautiful than normal wood.

Here is everything you need to know about engineered wood siding.

What is Engineered Wood Siding?

Engineered wood siding is a pocket-friendly and easy to install alternative of natural wood siding. It is commonly used by homeowners who love the aesthetic look of wood but want to keep the siding cost low.

Basically engineered siding is made of adhesive resin and wood material. The wood’s fibers are coated with wax. This makes them resistant to water and moisture.  Binders are added and then the material is made strong by heat-pressing it.

Advantages of Cedar Siding

Here are top reasons why most homeowners prefer wood siding to other siding materials:

  • It is more cost-effective than the real wood siding
  • It looks like the real cedar siding
  • Compared to natural wood siding, it’s resistant to termites, mold, mildew, and fungal decay. This is because it is treated with zinc borate.
  • It is durable, strong, and long-lasting. Most manufacturers offer transferable warranties valid for up to thirty years.
  • It can resist impact much better than most siding materials
  • The material cuts like the natural wood siding. This means no specialized tools will be needed to install it
  • It is a good insulator. It prevents cool air from escaping your house in the summer and heat from escaping in the winter.

Alongside these amazing benefits, it is worth noting its major disadvantage. Any damage to the outermost coating leads to the wood composite absorbing moisture and swelling. This can be prevented by painting the siding regularly and ensuring it is in good shape.

What are Different Cedar Siding Options?

There are numerous cedar siding options for you to choose from. They include:

Siding styles

They are available in both panel and lap siding. Lap sidings are installed horizontally. Panel sidings, on the other hand, can be installed in any direction but most people prefer horizontally. The lap boards are longer than the real wood boards.

Finish options

Different manufacturers have different pre-finished and painted options.  Purchase a pre-primed or ready to paint siding if you wish to paint to the wood siding yourself to cut cost.

Trim, fascia, and soffit

There are also several attractive complementary accessories. This allows you to customize your home creating a classic and welcoming appeal.

Things you need to Know before Installing an Engineered Cedar Siding

Installing wood siding is very simple if you follow the right instructions.  Before you kick off, read the following guidelines:

  • Make sure the panels are installed with 5/16 inch between them. This gives enough space for expansion and contraction
  • Use the right nails. Wrong nails rust and may cause panels to dislodge, buckle or split.
  • You can hire the best contractor but it will be useless if the wood sidings were not stored properly. Ensure they are stored in a dry place.
  • Choose a color that blends perfectly with your exterior.

The Way Forward

If after reading the article above you thinks cedar siding is the best wood siding for your home, contact a renowned contractor. They will advise on the best option as well as installation cost.

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